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4 Ways to launch a Mediocre Online Store (How you can avoid them)

The overall launching of an online store is quite simple and easy. It doesn’t require any huge investment and anyone can launch his/her store with basic or minimum technical knowledge.

Just think about it. The e-commerce store can be launched by selecting and purchasing a smart domain name that reflects your online business. After that you have to select an appealing theme and you have to get a membership on your favorite platform, that’s all.

Just keep one thing in mind; it is quite right that anyone can start the e-commerce store with minimal or no effort, but only a few individuals succeeded in maintaining their online store as Telebrands Pakistan on the top level.

According to a study, there were about 30,000 online retail stores established online in the United States in the year or 2012-2013. With the findings of this report, you can easily determine the pace in which online industry is expanding. And when we make established, then we mean those online retail stores were easily making the income of $120,000 per year.

In order to provide you best knowledge, here we will give another example related to the Staples Center in the Los Angeles. This particular center has a full capacity about 19,000 individuals, but it doesn’t mean that all the individuals are related basketball players and fans, there are a lot of individuals who are just a simple merchandise or marketer.

Anyone, the bottom line of all the examples we have mentioned that you shouldn’t wait for a miracle to succeed in the e-commerce industry, if you really want to become successful, then you really have to work-hard with commitment and devotion in this regard.

But, there is a question that should be arising in your mind that How it can be possible?

Well, the answer of this question lies in avoiding the most common type of mistakes that individuals often do when starting their online business. In this informative, you will go through four of such blunders that individuals usually during starting an online store.

4 Common Mistakes:

  • Trying to Sell a Product that doesn’t show compatibility to market trends:

This is the bottom line of a failed marketing strategy. A lot of people often fail, because they don’t know in advance the likes and dislikes of the customers. You cannot succeed in the e-commerce industry until you determine the basic needs and interest of customers.

Now, this point obviously feels good at first glance, but as you dig deeper than you will know that it is not as easy as you think so. Knowing the basic instincts of all your customers is not an easy task. If you spend a whopping amount on e-commerce store without knowing the needs of the customers, then you are investing in a project that is designed to fail right from the beginning.

For instance, you can also take an example of an old singer of Bobby Darin, which tries to gain the attention of people through old popular standards, but he failed miserably. That is so, because the hottest and the favorite genre of individuals at that time was old rock and roll. So, he goes for each and every single music company, but he was refused blatantly, because no one wanted to hear that music at that time. In other words, his music was not harmonized with the market standards.

Anyhow, Bobby dropped the idea of his old music and started to produce the music in that genre which people wants. So, for this purpose, he recorded a song called the Splish Splash songs and guess what? He had hit the deck and millions of his records were sold in months. He had succeeded because he understood the needs, likes and interests of music fans across the globe.

The case associated with the Bobby Darinn is not a unique one. You can find thousands of such cases in which the products have failed miserably as the Intellivision, The Laserdisc, The Zune and the Crystal Pepsi.

Online 1

But, the striking thing is that all these products are not copied and 100% original, but they all failed, because they do not harmonize with the market.

In Other Words, You should start with the results, not the products:

In order to excel in this particular field, you need to become a student of marketing. In this way, you can easily succeed in your domain.

Now, the question arises that how well you study your market?

Here, we have mentioned the three interesting tips that help you to better study your market:

  • Take benefit from the World of the Social Media:

You should understand that in order to get the likes and dislikes of your customers, it is not always necessary to survey hundreds of people. Because, the main purpose of the survey is to extract the useful information and you can easily fulfill this purpose by just listening to your customers. For this purpose, you can also use the certain services as Google Alerts and Mention.net, as these services allow you to intercept relevant information and track relevant keywords. By using these tools, you can easily determine the basic needs of the market.

  • Study the Standard Rate and Data Service Publications:

To get the best idea about the market, you can also read these publications as with these publications, you can easily get your hands to the database of all buyers and sellers in the United States. In this way, you can easily determine the market segment and earning potential. You can easily get the publications of the Standard Rate and Data Service in your city’s library, but if you can’t find, then you can also find these publications on the internet also.

  • Go for the Numbers, Not the Words:

The bottom line of any interview or survey is that you will get the answers which you are likely to hear. So, you should not only rely on the data which you get from such surveys, instead you have to look upon the numbers that for what product people are going for. That is the place where the worth of Standard Rate and Data Service comes into effect. In addition, you can also opt for other options as Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to assess the market performance based on the actual sales volume.

But, you should not confuse that all the survey, interviews, roadside discussion and questionnaires are totally useless. All these modes of information have their own worth and importance. If used in a right and effective manner. But, you should keep one thing in mind; data may lie, but numbers don’t.

  • Design your Websites without the consent of your Buyers:

If you design any websites of the view that it will definitely work, then you are going for a sudden fall. Why?

Because, the way you think and your customer thinks might be different from each other.

For instance, it is a proven fact that the color of the products often affects the overall buying decision. So, suppose you are going to launch an E-commerce store and your targeted market is South America.

Also suppose that you like to go for the blue color scheme on your website because ‘You Like Blue’. However, you haven’t any idea that what the likes of people exists in the part of South America. If they do not like the blue color and you have used this particular color in your online store as Telebrands Pakistan, then chances are there that your you people will avoid to come or purchase of your store, as a result you will fail miserably. If you think for a while that the impact of color is so high, that it can really make or break the game for you.

A lot of experienced marketers might regard that example as silly, but it happens with many marketers with low experience.

And the problem is not limited to the color only. Not only you and your customers think in a different manner, but the customers also think differently from other customers.

For instance, if you go to the school to enroll your children, then you cannot enroll all your children in the same school or same class. The same method applies to the market and customers too.

The most effective method is to divide the segment of different customers into groups and subgroups, then you have to entertain the customers of each group and subgroup.

For instance, if you are running a sports store, then you might target three different subgroups of people: Health Experts, Fitness Enthusiasts and Sports Fans.

So, you can easily increase your market prospects by personalizing it to different groups and subgroups.

Online 2

The findings of the research revealed that 63 out of 100 people prefer to buy from those stores that offer a personalized experience.

This strategy holds quite true in recent times, because people will spend their money on those products which fulfills their aesthetic needs and requirements.

Online 3

Moreover, the personalized experience also leads to the increase of sales. According to a report, the personalized web experience could easily increase your income up to 25-30%.

  • Avoid Customer Service:

Just keep one thing in mind; the most valuable asset of any business is your customer base.

However, a number of companies often failed because they don’t work on this strategy in spite of hard working. These companies often focus on conversion rate optimization, acquisition and even they hire an in-house SEO expert. But, they often forget the pillar of any successful online store as Telebrands Pakistan.

The recent research revealed that 90 out of 100 customers have not made even a single purchase from online stores because of their previous poor service experience.

It is a universal fact that people will people will likely to follow such online stores as Telebrands Pakistan, which usually offers them great customer service.

Just remember that the customer service is a very important pillar of successful e-commerce industry. Because, a majority of online stores have made a huge profit by just improving the quality of the customer service.

You can also improve the customer service by using the following useful tips:

  • Try to Reduce the Customer Efforts: 

The consumer efforts are all about making the life easier for you and your customer and not making it difficult. If you want to excel in the domain of online industry, then you have to remove the extra or unnecessary steps involved in the fast customer support. For instance, you can also use a dedicated widget for customer service that runs along your all website, instead of using the particular customer page and users might face any difficulty by searching it. So, in this way, you can further simplify the procedure involved in the fast customer support.

  • Offer Multichannel Support:

This strategy also helps to improve the customer support service. The findings of some reports suggest that 9 out of 10 peoples expect to receive a streamline customer experience along with the multiple customer contact channels.

  • Provide the Facility of Online Chat:

The nature of human being is to minimize the time required to complete a process. One of the fastest mediums involve in the engaging your customers is the by providing the facility of an online chat. Some of the quality e-commerce stores as Telebrands Pakistan have really boosted their sales by giving the facility of online chat. The best thing about the online chat is that, the overall use of this facility is also on the simpler side. So, you would not be amazed to know that 80% of the customers prefer to buy from such online stores that provide the facility of online chat.

  • Take care of Complains:

The most effective medium about making or breaking any brand is social media; you should not forget that in any case. Because, social media is a platform where thousands of people come everyday and these individuals note each and everything mentioned by the users about the quality and reliability of different products and brands. If you go through such information on social media, then you should try to address the concerns of your customers as quickly as you can. Because, you should not neglect that fact that all the information on the social media spread like butter on hot bread.

  • Try to use the Reliable and Authentic Marketing Channels:

Just keep one thing in mind; a number of online retail stores are designed and build on these three major pillars as:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Social Media

A number of beginner’s level online retail stores are putting their 100% resources on just these three pillars to get the most of out and they are not 100% wrong in this regard. It is true that all these three channels worked, but there are plenty of other channels also that you can also use to excel in the e-commerce industry.

But, it does not mean that SEO, PPC and social media are not effective at all. All these three pillars have their own worth. But, you have to start thinking out of the box for looking the additional ways apart from the ways mentioned above, that can also help you to grow faster and faster.

If you are still facing any problems, then the following useful tips can also prove to be very fruitful for you.

  1. Start an Affiliate Program:

A number of online store kings as Ebay, Walmart and Amazon are making rapid progress by using the affiliate marketing.

You should think about a couple of minutes, when you run or continue an affiliate program, then you have to pay your affiliates for every new customer they bring to your quality online store as Telebrands Pakistan. The whole procedure involved in the affiliate program is just like the advertising in which all your affiliates take the risk.

Moreover, you can also use the services of several companies in this regard as LeadDyno and Omnistar. The LeadDyno is the number 1 affiliate software in the market and Omnistar is the number 1 affiliate software for e-commerce. Now, we have paved the entire rough road for you, and now you can easily start your affiliate program in this regard.

Online 4

  1. Embrace the Importance of Words:

According to some reports, about 73% of the new businesses come just from the referrals.

Now only that, the findings of another study revealed that, 80 out of 100 customers are of the view that word-of-mouth do really influence and affect their purchasing decision. If you don’t find this finds interesting, then you can find nothing.

Here, we have mentioned the three tips that you will certainly find very fruitful for you:

  • Starting a Referring Program:

It is a proven fact that people are 3 times more likely to buy anything when referred by a friend, family or other member. One of the best ways to encourage those referrals is by giving away free rewards, incentives and gifts. The most common example in this regard is Dropbox. This service offered a hefty 500MB space for every member of the family or friend you referred. On the other hand, you can also offer certain premium accounts as Amuze. The Amuze is basically a clothing store designed especially for Women’s. This store gives you and your friend the incentive of $25 for the next purchase. The bottom line is that your customers should have something to share your company with their friends and family. You can also take help from the quality e-commerce store as Telebrands Pakistan in this regard.

  • Share an Awesome Experience:

The findings of the recent research revealed that the more than 85% of customers are willing to refer you company or business site after an outstanding experience. This is the reason that you have to spend more time in improving and perfecting your customer service, journey maps and a/b testing for the key element of your platform.

Online 5

  • Take firm Stand for Something:

You should work on that principle that buyers are not 100% loyal to companies at all. But, instead such buyers are loyal to the overall quality of services the particular company is providing to its customers. So, no company in the world can say that it has fulfilled all the needs of the customers. And in the same way, the particular mobile company which has topped in terms of sale in 2014 has failed miserably in the year of 2015. That is so, because this is not the only company that is operating in the market, other companies are also making their efforts in this regard. And such company will win the race that has seriously addressed the needs and interests of their customers.

The Bottom Line:

There is a lot of competition in the e-commerce industry nowadays. If you really want to excel in the field of the e-commerce, then you have to strive really hard in the particular field without leaving any stone unturned.  And the best way to do is to learn from the mistakes of the other people. And you has also known the 4 common mistakes that people often do in starting the online store. If you really want to excel in the particular field, then you have to try your level best in this regard, because quality is not a destination, it is a continuous journey.

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