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Foldable Micro Knife Blade

You can familiar with the traditional multipurpose Swiss Knife, but it just doesn’t suffice all the times. If you used to travel a lot for business purposes, then you cannot find the more useful cutting tool than the Telebrands Foldable Micro Knife Blade. The Telebrands Foldable Micro Knife Blade is a very useful and reliable tool that can be used on the go. The ultra-thin, ultra-compact and ultra-light micro knife fits into your wallet comfortably. The overall size of the Telebrands Micro Knife Blade is just like the size of a standard size Credit Card that can be easily placed in a pocket or wallet.

The Telebrands Foldable Micro Knife Blade weighs just 13 grams. The credit card type folding knife can be easily transformed into sharp-knife with sturdy handle. The best part of the Telebrands Micro Knife Blade is that it is waterproof and doesn’t corrode with the exposure of water and humidity. It means that you can use it under damp or moist conditions with complete satisfaction. Now you do not need to wipe the knife each time after getting exposed to water.

The Telebrands Micro Knife Blade can turn out to be a reliable outdoor companion, whether you are travelling, hiking and so on. The waterproof feature of the Knife is distinctive and is unmatched to the other portable knife in this category. The Knife is so lightweight that you wouldn’t even keep it in your breast pocket. The multipurpose knife can be used to cut the fruits, vegetables, clothes, wooden items, thin metal items, hard plastic materials and so on.

The total length of the Telebrands Micro Knife Blade is 3 inches and is made from surgical steel. While, the handle of the knife features the polypropylene material that allows firm handling, even in damp conditions. As we know that the polypropylene is a sturdy, durable and reliable material that is guaranteed to last for years. The Telebrands Micro Knife Blade features the clever locking system that prevents the chances of accidental cutting or opening, when the knife is closed.

The portable Telebrands Knife can be an instant and ultimate solution for carpenters, industry workers, chefs, housewives and other adventure enthusiasts. The Telebrands Pakistan is the official vendor that deals with the Micro Knife Blade exclusively in Pakistan. The procedure of ordering is very simple; you just have to use the online portal of Telebrands Pakistan, or you can simply dial the toll free number 0333-4115583 for this purpose.

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