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Telebrands Pakistan has now brought a new product for all the adventure enthusiasts as the Hoverboard. The Telebrands Hoverboard is basically a balancing scooter that has swept across many countries of the globe, including Pakistan. The Telebrands Hoverboard has been the dream of kids, since its launch in late 1980’s. The Hoverboard has the magical ability to take you from one place to another. The best thing is that the Telebrands Hoverboard travels completely unhindered over the roads that allows seamless and smooth operation.

The Telebrands Hoverboard is powered by a high capacity rechargeable battery. You just have to recharge the battery before using the Hoverboard. After recharging, you can travel from one place to another in less amount of time. The Hoverboard is equipped with a frame, electric motor and sensors. There are gyroscopes, tilt angle and other type of sensors to ensure the smooth working of the Hoverboard. Moreover, these sensors help to upright the Telebrands Hoverboard all the time, so that you do not have to worry about falling down on the ground.

There are some switches beneath the each footpad and these switches get triggered just by the movement of the feet. This movement of the feet is monitored by the IR LED sensors that send signals to the device according the position of your feet. If you are standing still on the hoverboard, then the Hoverbaord will not move forward unless and until you lean in the forward position. You forward position will sense by the sensors of the Hoverboard that person wants to move forward.

The streamline design of the Telebrands Hoverboard helps to increase the speed by overcoming the friction. Please note that if you want to use the Telebrands Hoverboard for years, then you should always try to use the official charger that comes with the package. This is so, because, the use of unofficial charger can cause damage to the parts of the Hoverboard. You can ride on the Hoverboard without any trouble for hours. You just have to change the position of your feet to control the gadget and that’s all.

The Telebrands Hoverboard comes with six months official warranty from Telebrands Pakistan. If your Hoverboard has some technical issue, then you can get one time free replacement under that warranty. You can also get 70% of the total amount as a refund under the same warranty. The Telebrands Hoverboard can be purchased from the website of Telebrands Pakistan. You can also dial 0333-4115583 from your mobile for the same purpose as well.

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