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Telebrands Max Lash

Max Lash 3D Fiber

The Telebrands Max Lash 3D Fiber is a specially formulated 2-piece system of brush-on extensions that provides you a variety of lashes in minutes. The main purpose of the Telebrands Max Lash 3D Fiber is to add extra length and volume to your natural eyelashes. The whole process of adding an eyelash extension is very simple and easy and doesn’t require any technicalities at all. Anyone can apply this Mascara with quite ease in considerably less amount of time.

Adding the lengths and extensions of the Telebrands Max Lash 3D Mascara Fiber is as simple as bread and butter. You just have to apply the application gel, and after that you can apply the fiber extensions on your eyelashes. All the 3D fibers of the Telebrands Max Lash 3D fiber will stick instantly to your natural eyelashes to give you appealing length and volume in seconds. You can also repeat the cycle, if needed so.

In some way, the Telebrands Max Lash 3D Fiber can also be termed as the Caboki of eyes. As the Caboki also gives you the temporary results in less amount of time, the Max Lash gives the same results on your eyelashes. In other terms, it can simply be termed as the artificial makeup of the eyelashes. The Telebrands Max Lash totally rules out the need of using the traditional Mascara. Now, you can take your lashes to the new level by using the Telebrands Max Lash 3D Fiber.

Please note that the official website of Telebrands Pakistan is the Telebrand.com.pk. All other websites that are operating in Pakistan with similar names are not original and selling low-quality products. Please do not waste your money on such substandard products. We have already submitted all the documents required for the registration and waiting for the approval from the parent company.

The Max Lash 3D fiber is waterproof, so you can use it under rain or during making splash on your face. The Telebrands Man Lash 3D Fiber comes with the six month warranty. If the product does not perform as we claim, then we will replace the product with a new one or you can also avail the 70% refund of the total paid amount. The Telebrands Max Lash 3D Fiber can easily be availed just from the official company of Telebrands Pakistan by using their online portal or by using the customer service number, 0333-4115583.

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