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If you want to completely change the depth, look and feel of your home at the least possible rates, then the best store that accommodates such facility is the one and only official franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN and the name of this unique and versatile product is 3D Ceilings.

The 3D Ceilings is basically a high resolution 3D picture of different weather, surroundings, scenery or art that is placed on the ceiling and gives the optical illusion that you cannot simply obtained by using the normal or traditional ceilings. The 3D Ceiling high resolution images are printed on specially designed PVC sheets. The reason for choosing the PVC sheet is that these sheets are very strong and carries a small amount of weight, so all the users can easily place these sheets on their ceilings without any problems at all.

Why to Choose 3D Ceilings over Traditional Ceilings?

One of the best features of the 3D Ceilings is that this type of ceiling can change the entire look of any room, living area and office in with minimal possible time and effort. The 3D Ceilings offer more strength, life and durability over the traditional ceiling. This is the reason that such ceilings are now preferred over the traditional ceilings to install on all types of residential apartments and commercial apartments. Following are the some distinctive and unmatched features of the 3D Ceilings:

  1. Waterproof:

One of the best and distinctive features of the 3D Ceilings is that offers exceptional water resistant properties. These types of ceilings don’t catch moisture from the surrounding like the case with the traditional concrete ceiling and hence possess long lifespan than the traditional ceilings.

  1. Absolutely No Maintenance Cost:

One of the exciting features of the 3D Ceilings is that these types of ceilings don’t require the regular patching or maintenance like the concrete ceilings. It means that one application of ceilings can easily withstand the years to come without any problems.

  1. Lighting:

Another exciting feature of the 3D Ceilings is that it allows the user to install different types of lighting underneath it with little modification. It means that the 3D picture will glow whenever the light is switched on.

  1. Durability:

The one application of the 3D Ceilings can easily withstand the 8-10 years with ease. It means that you don’t have to change the ceilings after each 1-2 years like the case with concrete ceilings. All you have to do is to first install the 3D Ceilings once and forget everything else.

  1. Hygiene Friendly:

The installation of the 3D floorings doesn’t contain any holes or gaps like concrete ceilings and it is totally immune to dust, dirt and bacteria penetration.  It means that these types of ceilings are totally safe to install in homes, educational institutes, medical centers and commercial centers.

  1. Integrated Adhesive Back Surface:

Another best feature of the 3D Ceilings is that these ceilings come with an adhesive back surface that allows the user to easily install the ceilings without the need of using any other medium.

Installation of 3D Ceilings:

The installation procedure of placing and installing the 3D sheets is quite not easy and requires a lot of technical knowledge prior to its installation. This is the reason that there is no margin of error in the whole installation process. This is the reason that the official franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN has hired the well-trained and experienced team for the installation of 3D Floor, 3D Walls and 3D Ceilings. All you have to do is to first choose your desired high resolution 3D picture and leave the rest on our dedicated team.

  1. In the 1st step, our team will place the 3D Ceilings accurately on the wall via its adhesives
  2. In the next step; our team will protect the actual 3D Ceiling image with the help of another special sheet
  3. In the final step; our team will help to seal all the possible gaps, corners and holes of the 3D Ceilings with the help of special chemicals

Details of Pricing:

  1. Price of Economical Quality: Rs. 125 Sq Ft
  2. Price of Good Quality: Rs. 145 Sq Ft
  3. Price of Good Quality with Glowing Effect: Rs. 250 Sq Ft


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