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4 in 1 Pipe Wrench


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A Pipe Wrench is an all inclusive instrument. This customizable device can be utilized for complaining, fixing and adjusted different metal objects like nuts, bolts, channels, and so on. Actually, the fundamental reason for Telebrands 4 in 1 Pipe wrench is to conform the fittings and associations between channels without harming them. These wrenches comprise of two jaws as upper snare and lower heel jaw.

The both jaws of the torque are appended to a flat handle. The rough and tough surface of the jaws assists with a firmer hold of adjusted metal articles that allows firm grip. The pipe wrenches are alluded to as Monkey Jaws, yet that is not reality. The surface of the Monkey jaws offers a great deal of smoothness than the Pipe Wrench and also, Monkey jaws are not intended for the channeling applications.

The Pipe Wrenches arrive in a scope of outlines that can be utilized for a variety of purposes. To get your hands on the right type of 4 in 1 Pipe wrench, it is basic to know ahead of time the kind of pipe wrenches and what the capacity of every type is. For more advantageous operation, one can likewise decide the materials which are utilized for the assembling of pipe wrenches. All inclusive or multipurpose pipe wrenches are accessible from quality online stores as Telebrands Pakistan.

One ought to continue with alert in selecting the right kind of torque for the application, otherwise chances are there that general upkeep can take additional time or even it might prompt to the harm of the articles as well. By picking the right kind of 4 in 1 pipe Wrench, one can spare his/her time, cash and effort. One ought to be exceptionally cautious in selecting the right kind of torque, as the harsh teeth of the torque could harm the surface of the metal article.

 Don’t forget one thing; the surface of pipe torque could likewise be harmed by grasping the harder metal articles. To maintain a strategic distance from any harm to avoid damage to the pipe wrench, for example, steel, one ought to leave the half inch space between the back of the upper jaw and the surface of the metal object. Different types of wrenches have different holding prerequisites and one must comprehend these necessities before utilizing the apparatus.


  1. The widespread and multipurpose pipe torque can be utilized as a straight pipe torque and a screwdriver.
  2. For more comfort, the measuring tape is likewise appended at the base of the pipe torque.
  3. The net weight of this multi-purpose 4 in 1 pipe torque is 1.6 kg.

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