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Tolsen 10059 Bolt Cutter 12 Inches



The Tolsen 10059 Bolt Cutter 12 Inches is another quality presentation of the official PAKISTAN franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN. The product which the company plans to introduce today is of immense significance and it can do the due job in the perfect manner.

The Tolsen 10059 Bolt Cutter 12 Inches, as indicated by the name is a premium grade bolt cutter having a total opening length of 12 inches or 300 mm in total. The bolt cutter features a black chromium finish and ergonomic handle. The handle ensures maximum gripping even during moist conditions. This tool can easily cut the bolts of nearly all types with great a lot of ease.

Additional Features of the Tolsen 10059 Bolt Cutter 12 Inches:

  1. Premium grade bolt cutter
  2. Features chromium black finish
  3. Packed in PP card packing

Package Contains:

1 x Tolsen 10059 Bolt Cutter 12 Inches


Note: bolt cutter are available in different size. Find below the price of other size bolt cutter.

  • 14″ bolt cutter = Rs: 1550
  • 18″ bolt cutter = Rs: 1700
  • 24″ bolt cutter = Rs: 2300
  • 30″ Bolt Cutter = Rs.
  • 36″ bolt cutter = Rs: 3700


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