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We cannot deny this fact that we are living in a technological advanced society and technology has evolved in almost each sector of the life. The technology has also penetrated through the field of communication and the modern technology has considerably shortened the distance. Due to this reason, the technology has made possible the communication of different people to communicate each other from the far flung areas of the world. One of the main innovations of technology is Telephone and today, there is a lot of advancement has been made in this field. Telebrands Pakistan has brought a new communication device to its users as the Telebrands GSM Wireless Phone.

The Telebrands GSM Wireless Phone is basically a wireless phone that has a slot of the SIM Card. All the users can insert the SIM Card into the slot to enjoy all the GSM functions on the phone. With the help of this phone, all the users can perform all the basic functions of a standard GSM-enabled mobile phone. Users can make/receive calls, send/receive messages and so on. The GSM enabled wireless phone has a complete text keyboard that you would normally find on the GSM phones. With the help of this keypad, you can type any long message in seconds.

The Telebrands GSM Wireless Phone has an LCD that shows the different functions of the phone. This screen has a green backlight that allows the easy readability without the external light source. This LCD screen shows the calling party number, message text and other functionalities. Not only users can make calls or send messages with this phone, but they can also enjoy the mp3 music. This wireless phone has dedicated mp3 player and sound recorder. Moreover, this phone has all the functionalities of a standard alarm clock.

This phone support multi language and the default language is English. This phone has the option of phone code and users can set any desired phone code to prevent the phone from unauthorized use. The default code of the phone is 1122, but you can replace this code with your own later. It is recommended to write the code in some place, so you can even use the code in case if you have forgotten the code. The handsfree function of the device makes it possible to use the device just by pressing the louder button.

The Telebrands GSM Wireless Phone comes with the memory card slot. All the users can insert the memory card with these capacities 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB. Users can store hundreds of thousands of mp3 songs in the memory card. The phone comes with the external mountable antenna. The LCD screen also shows the signal strength with a symbol that you would normally find in the mobile phones. Apart from signal strength, the screen also displays the other symbol as silent, new message, power indicator, alarm clock and unconditional divert.

The GSM phone comes with the external power adapter. This adapter can be used to provide power to the phone. The phones feature a rechargeable battery and this battery can be charged with the help of the power adapter. The charging time of the battery could take up to 3-4 hours for complete charging. After one complete recharge, the battery can last long for at least 5-7 hours. It means you can use the phone for the above mentioned time period without the need of any other power source.

The Telebrands GSM Wireless Phone Pakistan can be a great on the go communication option for travelers, students, businessmen, housewives and all those individuals who frequently needs to communicate with other people in the country and abroad.  This multipurpose wireless phone can be purchased exclusively from the one and only official franchise of Telebrands Pakistan. All the interested parties can call the number 0333-4115583 to order any of the listed products.

How to use the Telebrands Wireless GSM Phone?

The use of the device is quite easy and it can be used with the help of following steps:

  • First of all, you have to charge the phone according to the given method
  • In the next step, you have to insert the SIM card and memory card in the backside of the phone
  • In the next step, you have to attach the external antenna to the wireless phone
  • Now, the device is ready to be switched on. Press the power button of the device for at least 1-2 seconds to switch on the phone
  • Now you have to wait for at least 30 seconds, as this time will be required by wireless phone to detect the network
  • Now you can call or message just like the mobile phone
  • You can also listen to your favorite MP3 music by saving songs in the memory card
  • Switch off the device when you are done
  • Finished

Additional Specifications of the Telebrands Pakistan GSM Phone:

  • GSM Enabled wireless phone
  • Can perform all the functions of a standard mobile phone
  • Comes with high capacity 1000mAh rechargeable battery
  • Features an external antenna
  • Features strong reception external antenna
  • Memory card support
  • Built-in FM radio and MP3 player
  • Digital design
  • Handsfree function
  • Mute Function
  • Green Backlight LCD
  • Multilanguage Support

Technical Specifications of the Telebrands GSM Phone Pakistan:

  • Type: Cordless Phone
  • Battery Capacity: 1000mAh high-capacity Rechargeable Battery
  • Power Source: Wall Socket Adapter
  • Handsfree function: Yes
  • Multilanguage Support: Yes
  • Memory Card Support: Yes

What you will get?

1 x Cordless Phone

1 x Receiver

1 x External Antenna

1 x 1000mAh Battery

1 x Receiver Wire


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