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Hair Straightener Brush


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If you have spent a lot of time and money on different parlors to straight your hair and haven’t succeeded so far, then there is no need to lose hope. Now you can get the power of the electric hair brush for simple hair care. With the new hair straightening brush, you can get your hair straight in less amount of time. Although there are other hair straighteners are also available in the market that manage to straight the hair but, they also affect the quality and sparkle of the hair. But that’s not the case with the hair straightener 609. The device does not affect the natural sparkle, health and quality of your hair. You can rectify your hair without losing the natural qualities of your hair.  

Product Features:

  1. Heat resistant outer frame
  2. Individual Thermo plates
  3. Protective pads and comb guards
  4. Works on both dry and wet hair
  5. User-friendly LCD display
  6. Color: Pink, Black

Product Specifications:

Hair Straightening Time: 5 Seconds

Optimal styling or Device Heating Time: 30 Seconds

Segments of Thermostat Adjustments: 5 Degrees

Voltage: 110V-220v

Power Wattage: 29 W

Working Temperature (Min): 80˚C

Working Temperature (Max): 240˚C

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