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Hijama Apparatus 13 PCS



Do you often feel a lot of pain due to ageing or other purposes and become fed up in taking the different types of medicines? If yes, then there is nothing to worry; because the best solution for this problem is brought by the official PAKISTAN franchise of the Telebrands in the form of Pull Out Vacuum Apparatus.

The Pull Out Vacuum Apparatus is based on one of the techniques used in China for centuries to treat pain of several types is the use of suction cups. Basically, the use of suction cupping technique is a form of acupuncture, but with the exception that it doesn’t use a needle and it mainly focuses on the circulation of blood and Qi energy of different fluids that runs in our tissues and joints as lymphatic fluid.

The Pull Out Vacuum Apparatus comes with 6 pieces of vacuum cups and it is very easy to use unlike with the older versions which needs to be heated before use and it doesn’t cause any type of pain to the user. The Pull Out Vacuum Apparatus comes with the hand operated vacuum pump. All you have to do is to mount the vacuum cup onto the pump and after that you have to place the cup in the area of your body that has pain. In the last step, you have to create a vacuum in the area just by pulling the handle of the pump and that’s all. You have to perform this cycle for at least 20-25 minutes in a day.

The Pull Out Vacuum Apparatus may sometimes cause some bruises, but there is nothing to worry; because all this bruises will go after a few days without causing any damage. In this way you can reduce your body area pain effortlessly and almost cheaply. The overall weight and size of the apparatus is very small, so you can easily take it along with you even on distant journeys.

The Pull Out Vacuum Apparatus can be a great option to use at home, offices, clinics, medical centers, fitness centers, pain therapy centers, hospitals and so on. You can easily place an order of this versatile product just by calling to the number 0333.4115583 from your mobile phone and after that our representative will help you to generate your order for this useful product.

Additional Specs of the Pull Out Vacuum Apparatus:

  1. Revolutionary pain reliever and body therapy machine
  2. Uses an ancient Chinese acupuncture technique
  3. Doesn’t cause any type of pain
  4. Comes with different sizes suction cups
  5. Lightweight
  6. Portable

Technical Specs of the Pull Out Vacuum Apparatus:

  1. Dimension of Suction Pump: 7×2.4 Inches (Length x Width)
  2. Dimension of Suction Cups: 1.8 Inches, 1.6 Inches, 1.4 Inches, 1 Inches, 0.8 Inches
  3. Length of Pipe: 18.5 Inches
  4. Weight: 300 Grams

Package Contains:

  • 1 x Pull Out Vacuum Apparatus
  • 12 x suction cups


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