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Wave Mosquito trap lamp



If you often get disturbed by the mosquito during rest hours, then there is no need to worry as the Telebrands has got a unique solution that you will definitely find useful. The name of this versatile product is Insect Killing Machine.

The Insect Killing Machine, as the name clearly indicates, is a top of the line multi-function electronic trap lamp designed to kill mosquitoes in an effortless manner. The Insect Killing Machine features an inner fan that forces the mosquito to the inner compartment of the lamp and as soon as the mosquito enters the compartment of running a fan, it dies instantly.

The Insect Killing Machine features several blue LED lights that addicts the mosquito to enter the compartment. As the mosquito goes near the lamp, the inner fan sucks the mosquito with the pressure and all the mosquito traps and kills inside the lower compartment of the lamp. For more convenience; all the users can easily open and clean the lower compartment with ease.

The Insect Killing Machine consumes less power and it can easily be powered by just plugging it to the USB port of your PC. Alternatively, you can also plug in the Mosquito Trap Lamp with the 1 amp 5 volt charger. The Mosquito Trap Lamp is made from the strong ABS material that is durable, safe and environment friendly.

 The fan use in the Insect Killing Machine produces very minimal sound during spinning that wouldn’t disturb the user during working. All you have to do is to just plug in the Mosquito Trap Lamp and then you can easily sleep peacefully.

Now you do not need to use any harmful pesticides to kill the mosquitoes, as the very same purpose can now be fulfilled with the help of this versatile mosquito killing device. The overall process for placing the order of this top quality product is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is to just log on to the official website of the Telebrands or you can also dial the number 0321.4115583 from your mobile or landline number for the same.

Additional Specifications of the Insect Killing Machine:

  1. Top quality Insect Killing Machine
  2. Consumes less power
  3. Made from durable ABS material
  4. Comes with the cable with USB port
  5. Can cover area around 20-40 Sq. meter
  6. Comes in beautiful White/Black color
  7. Easy to use
  8. Lightweight

Package Contains:

1 x Insect Killing Machine


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