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ISLAMIC Calligraphy Art Printing


If you love the ISLAMIC art and calligraphy and always looking to purchase the different types of ISLAMIC art, then the official franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN has got something very special for individuals like you. The name of the product offered by the official franchise is the ISLAMIC Calligraphy Art Printing.

The ISLAMIC Calligraphy Art Printing, as the name indicates, is basically a printing of ISLAMIC art and ISLAMIC Calligraphy that is printed on beautiful wall stickers. These wall stickers are designed to easily place on the walls with minimal possible effort and time.

The ISLAMIC Calligraphy Art Printing is printed on the top of the line PVC sheet for reliability and durability purposes. The PVC sheet has integrated backing of adhesives that allows the user to easily place the sticker on the wall. We will deliver the printed sheets via two methods; if you plan to place the paintings in the large sized photos, then we will dispatch the printed PVC sheet without any protective sheet. On the other hand, if you plan to hang the ISLAMIC Calligraphy Art Printing on the wall without the protective sheet, then we will place the protective sheet on the wall.

The PVC sheet on which ISLAMIC Calligraphy Art is printed is steam resistant and water resistant; means the Calligraphy art printing does not affected by the exposure of water. You can easily select the ISLAMIC Calligraphy Art Printing in just three steps; in step number 1, you have to select the ISLAMIC art printing or calligraphy. In the second step; you have to select the size and type of printing and in the last and final step, you just have to choose the method whether you are going to install the painting with or without the protective sheet.

Selection Procedure:

  1. Select the Art and Calligraphy:

In this step; you have to select the desired calligraphy and art among the tens of hundreds of designed provided on our website.

  1. Size:

In this step; you have to select the size of the calligraphy that suits your purpose.

  1. Select the Printing Material:

In this step; you have to decide whether you are planning to use the picture on the wall with the protective sheet or use the picture inside the large photo frame that come without the protective sheet. You just have to choose the one method that helps you to fulfill your purpose in the best manner.


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