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Mothers Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Gallon



If you really want to make your car look clean neat and clean all the time, then there is a product presented by the official franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN as the Mothers Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Gallon.

The Mothers Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Gallon, as the name indicates, is a multipurpose product design to clean and protect all types of rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces. The best thing about the Mothers Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Gallon is that it leaves a non-greasy finish, so all the materials which you treated with this solution will not attract dust and dirt again.

How to Use?

The use of this product is quite easy. First of all; you have to pour some solution in the plastic spray bottle. Now you have to spray a little quantity of the solution onto the microfiber towel and then thoroughly apply this solution onto the area with the help of the same microfiber cloth or towel.

Features of the Mothers Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Gallon:

  1. Premium quality Mothers Vinyl & Rubber Dressing
  2. Comes in gallon packing

Package Contains:

1 x Mothers Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Gallon


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