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Motorola Cordless Phone



The Cordless phones are completely based on the wireless technology that is also known as the Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT). The main purpose of introducing this technology is to remove all the hindrances, difficulties and drawbacks that are available in the oldest wired analog telecommunication technology. All the previous difficulties of the analog phones have been totally erased by this versatile and new technology phone. The Telebrands Motorola Cordless phone C601A contains all the previous features of the analog phone plus it is also packed with some advanced features too.

The main component of the Telebrands Motorola Cordless Phone C601A is its frequency. This is a very important factor that is based on the functioning of the cordless phones. Please note that the frequency of the Telebrands Motorola Cordless Phone C601A is inversely proportional to the voice quality and is directly proportional to the range. It means that if we attempt to increase the operational frequency of the Telebrands Cordless Phone C601A, then the operational range will also increase in the result of the operating range of the Telebrands Cordless Phone C601A increases, then it affects the quality of sound. So, you must adjust the frequency factor while handling the Telebrands Wireless phone.

There are basically two components of the Telebrands Motorola Cordless phone C601A namely handset devices and the base station. The main task of the base station is to handle all the incoming calls and direct all such calls to the receiver or handset. The mode of easy communication is heavily dependent on these two factors. One of the biggest advantages of the Telebrands Motorola Cordless C601A is that it enables the user to continue to chat on the phone freely and without being stuck at only one single place, as the case of the analog phone.

The Telebrands Motorola Cordless C601A phone can prove to be an eternal blessing, particularly for those individuals who handle a majority part of their business over the telephone. The cordless phone comes with up 50 entries storable entries. So, you can store up t0 50 different numbers in the mobile. In order to provide more flexibility and ease of operation, users can transfer; store any number from the CID memory of the phone book. The Telebrands Motorola Cordless phone C601A allows dial lengths of 24 digits.

The phone stores 32 redial entries, so you can redial any number if it lies in the last 32 entries. If you often use the call conferencing function, then the Telebrands Motorola Cordless Phone C601A is perhaps your ultimate solution. This is so, because this cordless phone allows three-way call conferencing system, means that you can simultaneously engaged in phone with three different calling parties. The Telebrands Motorola Cordless Phone C601A has a speaker with crystal clear audio. Users can adjust the volume up to 5 different levels.

The wireless phone supports polyphonic ringtones. Users can select the ringtone up to their choice. The Telebrands Wireless C601A phone is powered by a 2 AAA rechargeable batteries. These batteries are not provided by the phone, you have to arrange the batteries on your own. The overall voice quality, Talk Time and Standby Time are also heavily dependent on the quality of the battery. The Telebrands Motorola Cordless Phone C601A normally supports up to 12 hours of talk time and up to 250 hours standby time.

The Telebrands Motorola Cordless phones feature a bright backlight display. The phone features an orange backlight display that assists in easy to read characters. The Ergonomic design Telebrands Cordless phone can be a perfect choice for homes, offices, industries and other living places. The Cordless phone can easily be ordered from the Telebrands Pakistan by using the online portal.

Range of Headset:

The Telebrands Motorola Phone has a maximum range up to 300 meters. Please note that in order to get the best results, you have to get the clear line of sight between the Motorola Headset and the Base of the wireless phone. Don’t forget that any type of obstruction or hindrances between the two communication devices will considerably affect the signal quality.

However, if you place the base in the indoors and the headset in the outdoor, then you will get the maximum range up to 50 meters in total. Please note that the signal quality of the wireless device will also by the concrete walls.

How to operate the Telebrands Cordless Motorola C601A Phone?

The Motorola Cordless phone can be operated by the following procedure:

  1. First of all, you have to insert the 2 AAA batteries in the correct polarities. Always try to use the quality brands for the batteries and avoid mixing the new and old batteries together.
  2. In the next step, you have to attach the power adapter to the base of the cordless phone
  3. The date and time will set automatically only if you have subscribed to the caller ID service.
  4. All the icons of the functions of the Motorola handset are indicated on the phone with the icons. You just have to press the designated button to perform the specific function.
  5. You can adjust the volume of the earpiece during the call, just by pressing the ‘U’ or ‘D’ button on the phone.
  6. When you have finished using the wireless phone, then you can also switch off the phone by pressing the ‘R’ button on the phone. Press the same button for 2 seconds continuously to switch off the phone.
  7. You have successfully operated the Telebrands Motorola Cordless Phone C601A.

Additional Features of the Telebrands Motorola Wireless Phone C601A:

  1. Calling function
  2. Orange Backlit light
  3. Elegant and sleek design
  4. Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT) standard
  5. 50 entries Phonebook Storage
  6. 5 Levels of speaker volume
  7. A total of 5 handsets can be registered to a single phone base
  8. Intercom and Call Transfer function
  9. ECO Mode
  10. 24 digits Phonebook Dial Length maximum
  11. 32 Digits Redial dial length maximum
  12. Versatile three-way call conferencing system
  13. Secrecy function
  14. 17 different selectable languages
  15. Speaker Phone
  16. GAP compatible
  17. Clock and Alarm Function
  18. Users can import from the Caller ID memory to phone book memory

Technical Specifications of the Telebrands Motorola Cordless Phone C601A:

  1. Model: C601A
  2. Call Conferencing System: Yes
  3. Talk Time: 12 Hours (Depending on the condition of the rechargeable batteries)
  4. Weight: 2.205 Pounds
  5. Available Color: Black

What you will get with the Telebrands Motorola Wireless C601A Phone?

1 x Telebrands Motorola C601A Handset

1 x Telebrands Motorola C601A Base

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Power Adapter

1 x Telephone Line Cord

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