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Multipurpose Storage Tray



The Multipurpose Storage Tray is another innovative and versatile product offered by the Telebrands. The Multipurpose Storage Tray is basically a premium quality product designed to neatly keep your eateries and other edible items in kitchen and refrigerator.

The Multipurpose Storage Tray comes with the U-Shape lock handles, which can also be installed under the table by the users to keep lightweight items. The Multipurpose Storage Tray features sliding design that allows the users to easily place anything in the tray just by sliding the tray. In the same way, users can take out anything in the same manner as to slide out the tray.

The Multipurpose Storage Tray is made from the durable plastic material to ensure the quality of the product. The Multipurpose Storage Tray feature comes in different colors, so you can easily select the color according to your color matching needs.

The Multipurpose Storage Tray also features the bottom holes for ventilation; means the hole of the tray will provide easy ventilation to all the eateries you stored in the Multipurpose Storage Tray.

The Multipurpose Storage Tray is very easy to install, all the users just have to slide in or out the tray as per their convenience. If you are looking to purchase this versatile Multipurpose Storage Tray, then you just have to dial the number 0321.4115583 from your landline or mobile number.

Additional Specifications of the Multipurpose Storage Tray:

  1. Quality Multipurpose Storage Tray
  2. Can be used in refrigerator, kitchen and under desks
  3. Helps to store the things in a durable manner
  4. Made from high quality plastic
  5. Comes in different appealing colors
  6. Easy to use
  7. Lightweight

Box Contains:

1 x Multipurpose Storage Tray


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