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In this section, you will find the complete range of different types of automatic and manual tools under one roof. The different types of automatic and electric tools provided by the franchise, including the Electric Chainsaw, Laser Distance Meter, Cordless Drill Machine, Electric Drill Machines, Mini Drill Machine, Air Compressors, Cordless Screwdriver Machines, Digital Multimeter, Electric Glue Gun, Rotary Sander, Circular Saw, Mitre Saw, Compact Drill Machine, Rotary Drill Machine, Sheet Sander, Cordless Hammer Drill Machines, Percussion Drill Machines, Dry Wall Screwdriver, Electric Angle Grinder, Head Mounted LED light, Wood and Metal Planer, Grass Trimmer, Car Pressure Washers, Air Blower Machines, Plunge Router, Jigsaw Cutter, Soldering Iron and so on. Whereas the manual tools provided by the franchise, including the Heavy-duty Fork Lifter, Screwdriver Kit, Multi-set Toolkit, Foldable Kit, Mobile Toolkit, Screwdriver Set, Long Nose Plier, Bent Nose Plier, Bolt Cutter, Circlip Pliers Set, Revolving Punch Plier, Bench Vice, Fencing Plier, Spanner Set, Socket Set, Ratchet Spanner Set, Precision Screwdriver Set, Screwdriver Magnetizer and Demagnetizer, Changeable Screwdriver Set, Bits and Sockets Set, Long Arm Hex Key Set, Torx T-Handle Screwdriver Set, Hatchet, 2-way Milltet, Chisel Set, Punch Set, Leather Punch Set, Forged Claw Hammer, Letter Punch, Aviation Snip Straight, Utility Knife, Hacksaw Frame, Pruning Saw, Straight Pruning Shear, Hedge Shear, Half Round Steel Files, Round Steel Files, Combination Sharpening Stones, Pipe Cutter, Threading Set, Tile Cutters, Ratchet Modular Crimping Plier, Ratchet Crimping Plier, Adjustable Wire Stripper, Heavy Duty Glass Cutter, Hand Riveter, Staple Gun, Caulking Gun, Bent Nose Wrench, Bent Nose Plier, Claw Hammer, Cold Chisel, Crowbar, Rubber Mallet, Spirit Level, Water Pump Pliers, Stripping Pliers, Wood Chisel and so on.

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