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Quadcopter Car



If you are looking to buy a quality product that not only allows you to take imaging data from the air, but also on the ground; then the best option for this purpose is offered by the official franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN named as the Quadcopter Car.

The Quadcopter Car, as the name clearly suggests, is a multipurpose quadcopter that can not only fly in the air, but it can also crawl on the ground as well. The Quadcopter Car could be your best gadget to fly and run in different terrains.

The Quadcopter Car supports 360-degree flips and hovering functions. The Quadcopter Car comes with the dedicated wireless remote control. All the users can control all the functions of the Quadcopter Car with with quite ease.

The Quadcopter Car comes with the rechargeable battery. The battery takes up to 20-25 minutes to complete charging via USB charging cable. The Quadcopter Car will give the backup around 5-7 minutes continuously after one complete recharge, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The Quadcopter Car is crafted from the durable material that doesn’t affect much with the daily wear and tear. Now you don’t need to buy expensive quadcopter, as this quadcopter will provide you the same great result with great precision, accuracy and clarity.

The Quadcopter Car with could be the best option to use by travelers, adventure seekers, enthusiasts and so on. If you want to purchase this unique flying gadget, then all you have to do is to call at the number 0333.4115583 from your mobile or landline number, so simple is that.

Additional Features of the Quadcopter Car:

  1. Quality quadcopter
  2. Comes with the remote control
  3. Features 360-degree flips in the air
  4. Portable
  5. Lightweight

Package Contains:

1 x Quadcopter Car

1 x Remote Control

1 x Instruction Manual


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