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Sofa cum Bed Extra Large 68566


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All those individuals who live in apartments, flats or any other small living place might often find it difficult to find a suitable place for guests to sleep. This situation can really embarrass the hosts if they fail to arrange an alternate solution of such problem. Telebrands Pakistan has given a solution of such problem with a Sofa Bed Extra Large 68566.

The Telebrands Sofa Bed Extra Large 68566 can turn into a comfortable mattress by filling air into them. The best thing about the inflatable bed is that they can be folded after the use and they usually occupy a small space for their storage.

The Telebrands Sofa Bed Extra Large 68566 is tailored from the durable material that lasts for years. These materials look like the latest piece of furniture available these days. For this reason, you can use this type of furniture with the other furniture on any occasion. These sofas are mostly used by students who haven’t much space for large beds in their small hostel rooms. These types of sofas can also be used especially in the courtyard for several events and occasions.

The Telebrands Sofa Bed Extra Large 68566 can also be purchased to save thousands on traditional wood or steel based furniture. In fact, the overall cost of the inflatable sofa cum bed is almost the one-fourth the cost of an average sofa bed available in the market. These sofas not only save space of your home, but they also put a light impact on your pocket as well.

The Telebrands Sofa Bed Extra Large 68566 is very durable and reliable. These sofas are resistant to daily wear and tear and usually last for years, if handled properly. Please note that as the sofa is inflatable, so you should protect these from sharp pointed objects as such may cause the sofa to puncture. Although, the puncture can easily be covered with the help of puncture kits, but it is recommended to save the sofa bed extra large from point objects as knives, pins, needles and so on.

The Telebrands Sofa Bed Extra Large 68566 is must have furniture for every home, hostel, boarding homes and so on. This multipurpose furniture can easily be purchased from the only and official Telebrands Pakistan office Lahore. All the customers can now place their order from their mobiles by calling at 0333-4115583.

Additional Features of the Telebrands Sofa Bed Extra Large 68566:

  1. Versatile and convertible Sofa cum bed
  2. Made from durable material
  3. Can bear maximum load up to 250 kilograms
  4. Available Color: Black
  5. Product Dimensions: 86 x 76 x 26 Inches (Length x Width x Height)

What you will get with the Telebrands Sofa Bed Extra Large 68566:

1 x Sofa Bed Extra Large

1 x Puncture Sticker

1 x Instruction Manual

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