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Sonax Car Polish 500 ml



If you are looking to buy a quality car polish for your beloved car, then such a product is presented to you by the official website of the Telebrands PAKISTAN and the name of the quality product is Sonax Car Polish 500 ml.

The Sonax Car Polish 500 ml, as indicated by the name, is a multipurpose car polish designed to the remove the low level scratches and it can also help to restore the original shine and look of the automotive paint. Sonax Car Polish 500 ml is designed from the revolutionary carnauba wax that ensure the long-lasting protection of the automotive paint.

How to Use?

First of all; you have to wash your car to remove any type of dust and dirt stick on the car surface. In the next step, you have to apply the car polish with the help of the microfiber cloth. Keep continue till you get the shiny, smooth surface.

Features of the Sonax Car Polish 500 ml:

  1. Quality car polish
  2. Comes in 500 ml packing

Package Contains:

1 x Sonax Car Polish 500 ml


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