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Sonax Octane Power 250 ml


Do you want to increase the fuel mileage of your car? If yes, then you should not waste your money on buying inferior quality products; instead you should purchase the quality product offered by the official Telebrands PAKISTAN as the  Sonax Octane Power 250 ml.

The Sonax Octane Power 250 ml, as the name indicates, is a premium class fuel additive that amazing increases the leaded and unleaded fuel easily up to 2-3 percent. The  Sonax Octane Power 250 ml helps to prolong the engine life by complete fuel burning and it is completely safe to use with fuel of all types.

Features of the  Sonax Octane Power 250 ml:

  1. Premium class fuel additive
  2. Comes in large 250 ml packing

Package Contains:

1 x  Sonax Octane Power 250 ml


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