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Sonax Sponge Applicator



Are you looking to buy a quality applicator to apply the waxes, polishes, lotions and sealants? If your reply is yes; then the official franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN has come up with a new and unique product in its regard as the Sonax Sponge Applicator.

The Sonax Sponge Applicator, as the name indicates, is a premium quality applicator to apply almost all types of lotions, waxes, polishes and sealants on automotive paint. The Sonax Sponge Applicator can easily be used on almost all types of surfaces as rubber, plastic, vinyl, leather without any problem at all. The Sonax Sponge Applicator can easily be washable, so you can wash it if it gets dirty with prolonged usage.

How to Apply?

Just use this applicator like the any other applicator which you use to apply waxes or polishes on your car paintwork.

Features of the Sonax Sponge Applicator:

  1. Premium quality sponge applicator
  2. Comes in pack of 6 sponges

Package Contains:

1 x Sonax Sponge Applicator


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