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Tolsen Claw Hammer



If you are looking to buy quality claw hammer from the market, then all you have to do is to contact the official PAKISTAN franchise for the main purpose. The franchise has got such a tool in its inventory as the  Tolsen Claw Hammer.

The Tolsen Claw Hammer, as indicated, is a multipurpose and heavy duty claw hammer designed to use for both commercial and domestic purposes. The head of the hammer is made from the drop forged carbon steel for durability purposes. The handle of the Tolsen Claw Hammer is heat treated and ground polished for ease of operation. It is equipped with a durable wooden handle to ensure smooth working.

Additional Features of the Tolsen Claw Hammer:

  1. Heavy duty industrial grade claw hammer
  2. Made from drop-forged carbon steel
  3. ground polished
  4. Heat treated head
  5. Equipped with wooden handle
  6. Packed in color label

Package Contains:

1 x Tolsen Claw Hammer

Other Available Sizes of the Claw Hammer with Pricing:

  1. Tolsen Claw Hammer 23 mm diameter: Rs.
  2. Tolsen Claw Hammer 29 mm diameter: Rs.
  3. Tolsen Claw Hammer 31 mm diameter: Rs.


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