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Tonific Hand Massager



The Tonific hand massager strengthens your whole body, including abdomen, legs and arms. It provides deep perforation in the skin layers that helps to remove fats and accelerates the burning of calories without any exercise. The Tonific hand massager is ideal for shaping the body by minimizes the fats. It not only helps in reducing weight, but also provides comfort to the user. Moreover, it enhances the circulation of blood and removes muscular pains effectively.

How Tonific Hand Massager works?

The success of Tonific hand massager lies in the process that performs 27000 vibrations in one minute. Because of its high speed and power, it works on the deeper layers of the skin and removes the excess fat.  Just use it for 10-15 minutes every day to obtain the desired results.  Its success is based on the old Asian technique in which the needles were inserted deep in the skin to treat various physical and mental diseases.

It is the only hand massager in the market with moving Accu balls that can be used for both hot and cold therapy.  To get the best results, put the Accu balls on the ice for one hour before using the massager.

Distinctive features of Tonific Hand Massager:

  • Amazing massager with both cold and hot therapy.
  • Flexibility of changing the Accu balls.
  • Intense muscle relaxation.
  • Persistent fat remover.
  • Twisted nod.
  • Input: 220 V.
  • Power: 20 W.
  • High speed of 27000 revolutions per minute.

Tonific Hand Massager Pakistan Package includes:

  • Three types of Accu balls.
  • Slacken massage Device.
  • Persistent fat remover massage.
  • Compulsion massage for pain in muscles.

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