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Unisex T-Shirt Purple



If you are looking to purchase the top quality T-Shirt for your purpose in purple color, then one such top quality product is offered by the official franchise of the Telebrands. The Unisex T-Shirt Purple is basically a top quality T-Shirt featuring the appealing purple color.

The Unisex T-Shirt Purple comes in different sizes and the fabric of the T-Shirt is made from the quality soft material.

Main Size Pic - Copy - Copy

The Unisex T-Shirt Purple features the Crew Neck collar and it is suitable to use by both men and women. 


POMPOM DescriptionToleranceSMXL2XL
AA – Shoulder± 2%44465151
BB – Neck Width± 2%18181820
CD – Chest± 2%51535761
DE – Waist± 2%50525460
EH-  Length± 2%74747676
FK – Sleeve Length± 2%22222229
GL – Under Arm± 2%1111.51115
HN – Sleeve Open± 2%18181919


The Purple Color T-Shirt is designed to use on all occasions with ease. For more convenience; the Purple Color T-Shirt comes in different sizes, so you can select the one according to your purpose.

Specifications of the Unisex T-Shirt Purple:

  1. Quality Unisex T-Shirt Purple
  2. Export Leftover
  3. Crewneck T-Shirt
  4. International Hypland Brand
  5. Designed to use in summer
  6. Short Sleeve
  7. Gross Weight of the fabric is 170 Grams approx.
  8. Made from soft fabric
  9. Comes in different Sizes
  10. Lightweight

Box Contains:

1 x Unisex T-Shirt Purple


Note: 5-10% shade variation may occur from the original product color due to different  screen settings.


Special Package: 

  1. Buy 1 T-Shirt in Rs.300/=, 2 Shirts in 550/= and 4 Shirts in Rs.1000/=
  2. Delivery Charges from Pakistan Post Office would be Rs.100 and Delivery Time would be 2-4 Working Days.
  3. Delivery Charges from Leopards/TCS would be Rs.250 and Delivery Time would be 1-2 Working Days.
  4. If you want to check the stuff at the time of delivery, then we will Deliver you the product Via our own Delivery person and the Charges would be Rs.350/=. This Facility is available for large cities only.


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