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Video Door Phone


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This is an alarming situation that the overall rate of crime is on the increase not only in urban areas, but rural areas too. Every day you read about dozens of reports regarding crime, burglary or even murder. The softest targets of such heinous crimes are the citizens living alone in a house.  In such alarming situation, one has to do tight security measures in their living places as home, office or shop. The old security measure involves the peeping holes, door chains and door latches. These security measures were effective at their time, but this technology has been too old to take the modern day security challenges.  In a bid to serve their customers in the domain of security, Telebrands Pakistan has brought an innovative and cutting-edge technology product as the Video Door Phone.

The Telebrands Video Door Phone has a camera installed right at the main entry of the door. The camera displays real-time video on the phone display unit. User can track all the activity of the door through the display unit. The indoor unit of the door phone is equipped with a 7 Inch TFT Touch Screen LCD unit. This screen size is actually more than enough for surveillance activities. The video door phone is also accompanied by an intercom speaker. The main purpose of this speaker is to interact with the coming party without the need to open the door. Users can first verify the party, then they can decide whether the door should be open or not for the particular stranger.

The Telebrands Video Door Phone installs on the outside part of the entry door, so it is IP65 grade water-resistant. The video door unit would not be damaged by the exposure of mild, dew or even the rain water. Moreover, the outdoor camera is equipped with a rain shade that also protects it from direct exposure to sunlight.  The unit is made from the high-end durable and reliable materials that doesn’t damage easily and usually lasts for years.

The camera of the Telebrands Video Door Phone also features the Night Vision Mode. With this mode, the camera can capture real-time video even in a full dark environment. The security system also features the hands free intercommunication system. As far as the video options are concerned, users can adjust the brightness and Chroma of the video. Moreover, the volume of the ring tone can also be adjusted at the users end. The Telebrands Video Door Phone features the 8 different chord melody rings.

Just keep one thing in mind; the Telebrands Video Door Phone will only allow entering any individual at your disposal and that’s for sure. This must to have security system should be an integral part of homes, offices, shops, shopping malls, educational institutes and the places where round the clock total security is needed. This security system can be purchased only from the official Telebrands Pakistan Company by calling or using their online portal.

How to operate the Telebrands Video Door Phone?

This security system of Telebrands is very easy to operate. Just read the following lines for further information:

Additional Features of the Telebrands Video Door Phone:

  1. Multipurpose total security system for almost any work or living place
  2. Equipped with Night Vision featured camera with rain protection shade
  3. Made from the highest quality reliable materials
  4. Intercom option between the outdoor and indoor unit
  5. High definition Charged Coupled Device Camera
  6. Hands free communication through intercom
  7. Radiation free high-definition Touch Screen LCD
  8. Outdoor Unit is damage proof
  9. Option of 8 different melody rings
  10. DIY installation
  11. Brightness of the video can be adjusted
  12. Chroma of the video can be adjusted
  13. Smart and sleek design
  14. Portable
  15. User-friendly
  16. Simple operation

Technical Specifications of the Telebrands Video Door Phone:

  1. Night Vision Mode Camera
  2. Illumination Distance of Night Vision: More than 2 meters
  3. Illumination: 0.1 Lux
  4. Angle of Camera: 92 degrees wide angle
  5. Maximum Delay of Talk Time: 120S±10%
  6. Monitoring Time Delay: 40S±10%
  7. Standby of Dissipation: <0.5W
  8. Working Temperature: -10C to 50C
  9. Dimensions of Indoor Unit: 173 x 98 x 38 (L x W x H)
  10. Dimensions of Outdoor Unit: 165 x 100 x 3.4 (L x W x H)

Requirements of Wiring:

30 Meters: RVV6 x 0.5 mm

50 Meters: RVV6 x 0.75 mm

100 Meters: RVV6 x 1.0 mm

What is included in the Package?

1 x Indoor Unit with Large 7 Inch Screen

1 x Outdoor unit

1 x Power Adapter

2 x Catalogues of Installation

1 x Packet of Installation Material

2 x Indoor and Outdoor Mounting Brackets

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