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Presently, there are so many ways in which you can work out your cores. If you are addicted to gym, then it is very important to work out all your body muscles, especially the core muscles. Some methods are average, while some are excellent as the Telebrands Wonder Core. In simple words, it is an exercise machine designed to work out the core muscles of the body. As you already familiar that the core muscles are just like the helping muscles that helps us to grasp a magazine from the upper shelf. In other words, the core muscles are the same muscles that you use when you bend over to pick up something on the carpet.

The Telebrands Wonder Core helps to strengthen these core muscles with easy moves. You can perform 8 different kinds of exercises to work out your core as the crunches, Push Ups, Bridge, Bicycling, Ab Tuck, Scissor Kicks, Triceps and exercises of the Forearm/Biceps. Users can perform different type of resistance level for each of the exercise according to the mode of requirement. For more convenience, the exercise machine is factory pre-assembled, so you do not need to waste your time and effort by assembling it manually.

The Telebrands Wonder Core is perhaps the most affordable machine designed for the ABS that you can use even in the couch area of your bedroom. You will get the benefit of a professional exercise machine after using it. A lot of individual both male and female, dreams to get the 6-pack ABS. Now this dream can become a reality by using the Wonder Core.

The Telebrands Wonder Core is equally effective for athletes, sportsmen, working women, housewives and the individuals from any walk of life. Now you do not have to wait longer to own this machine, just contact the official number of Telebrands Pakistan for this purpose at 0333-4115583.

Additional Features of the Telebrands Wonder Core:

  1. State of the Art Innovative and Revolutionary Exercise machine
  2. The machine is specially designed to work on the core muscles
  3. Users can perform 8 different exercises from this versatile machine
  4. Resistance can be adjusted
  5. Goes beyond 180˚ to target the core muscles
  6. Pre-Assembled
  7. Smart, compact and portable
  8. Dual Resistance Bands
  9. Free Anti-slip mat and workout DVD

Technical Specifications of the Telebrands Wonder Core:

  1. Weight: 6.49 KGS
  2. Dimensions: 52.07 x 54.87 x 38.1 cm (L x W x H)

What is in the Box?

1 x Wonder Core Smart Exercise Machine

1 x Anti-Slip Mat

1 x Instruction Guide

1 x Manual

1 x Free Workout DVD

Questions & Answers:

Question 1: Does this device truly assist in doing sit ups and crunches? Does it protect from an aching neck?

Answer: Yes, this device will surely help a lot. I have joint pain and I am suffering from a lot of pain and Wonder Core helps to reduce the stress on my joints. By John Bucob (member of Telebrands team) on 23rd September, 2015)

Question 2: Does this device actually works on your ABS? Does your back hurt from rubbing each time to the mat? Do you slide when you are in motion? Thanks

Answer: I am not used to of heavy exercises, but I really like this machine. It really works on your ABS and has a multiple adjustment settings. This device is equipped with heavily padded anti-slip mat that provides more comfort during hard workouts. (By Dave Nathaniel on 3rd December, 2015)

Question 3: I’ve gone through one of the reviews that said this device is not designed for bigger people. I am about the size of 12-14 women and I am also interested in this device. Should I look for some other device in this capacity?

Answer: You are having size of just 12-16; my wife was a size of 16-18. She regularly uses the device and now she is about a size of 8. You just have to show dedication towards this exercise machine. Good Luck I recommend this machine. (By Carnos Ferraros on 13th November, 2015)

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