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Wonder Hanger



Individuals’ adoration and love for design items, particularly for garments is mounting. The rooms are getting littler and congested in the new rush of urbanization while pieces of clothing and articles of clothing’s items are drifting step by step.

The conundrum of massive stockpiling of garments and little spaces to store that garments are driving individuals towards the lack of closet space to store garments. While individuals were searching for the bigger closets, the researcher has invented wonder hangers to take care of the issue. Telebrands Pakistan wonder hanger don’t extend the storage capacity limit of your wardrobe however it helps you to set your garments in most efficient way.

Telebrands’ wonder and smart hanger is celebrated due to it’s outline. The holder gives you a chance to hang your garments in least space. Telebrand’s wonder hanger is extreme space saver. It empowers you to hang 80 pieces of clothing with the assistance of only 8 brilliant holders.

Telebrands’ wonder hanger has 8 holders in 1 bundle. The hangers accompany the rings which let you hang the wonder hangers with the pole or anything which can hold it. You can hang no less than 1 pair of the conventional hangers in in each opening of Telebrands wonder hanger.

Salient advantages:

  • It requires low space.
  • It spares your time in morning as it deals with your garments and get them wrinkle free.
  • It can store overwhelming winter garments in a way that you don’t need to launder your garments toward the beginning of winter.
  • The wonder hanger is strong enough to hold up to 5 substantial coats till the following winter arrive.
  • It is most appropriate for occasional garments as it requires low storage room in closet.
  • Best suited for individuals living in lodgings and little houses.

Notable elements of wonder hanger:

  • It consist of 8 holders which let you hang up to 80 suits.
  • The wonder hanger is strong enough that it can hold up to 14 kg of weight.

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