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How Facebook Plans Dominate Online Shopping Behavior?

The Facebook is not meant only for social media sharing, but it can also be used as an effective platform and tool by the marketers to promote their product and their services. The recent survey suggested that about 60% of the internet users come to the Facebook just to look for the new up-coming products and services. While, a majority of such individuals has succeeded in finding new and versatile products in the section of the News Feed, Groups and Pages.

So, for this purpose the management staff of the Facebook is striving hard in discovering the new methods that provide more convenience in the buying and selling procedure to the Facebook users. The main advantage of the Facebook is that a number of people can connect to this social media giant with the help of their smart phones, gadgets and tablets. So, the requirement of effective online shopping has evolved than ever before. In this way, Facebook can turn out to be the gigantic mobile shopping partner of the world that can easily dominate the world of online shopping.

But, there are also some types of difficulties and problems associated with the online mobile shopping, as a lot individual does not feel comfortable by finding and purchasing a product listed on their mobile devices. The main problem related to mobile shopping is slow loading and navigating times as compared to desktop PC’s. So, this is bad for people and equally bad for advertisers, marketers and promoters as well.

This is where the effectiveness of the Facebook comes in. Facebook can act as an effective communication bridge between the buyers and sellers on such mobile devices. One of the most fascinating things about the Facebook is that its lite mobile version does not need any faster mobile internet connection as well. Individuals can use all the Facebook related to the e-commerce area of Facebook on their previous mobile internet connections. In other words, Facebook has emerged as the ultimate savior for both buyers and sellers by providing better functionalities. Now, it totally depends on different major shopping brands of the world as Telebrands Pakistan, that’s how they can equally benefit from the service of the Facebook.

The major brands of the world can really use the platform of the Facebook to promote their products and services to the people across the globe such as camera pen. Because, the main purpose of social media network is to act as a bridge between different individuals, so such individuals can benefit from the Facebook online shopping too. If you to get your hands on the basics of the blueprint that how Facebook has planned to become the leader of the online shopping, then you have to look the following details:

Carousel Ads:

First of all, Facebook has really highlighted the importance of Carousel Ads format that they have used in the site as:

Facebook introduced the carousel format ads last year, which allows the marketers and advertisers to demonstrate or showcase links multiple product images in one ad. The preliminary testing has shown that 40-60% of the advertisers have used the carousel ad for low cost-per-conversion. Facebook has also brought Instagram ads and videos that can be used in this format.

Carousel ads are certainly effective options for advertisers, promoters and marketers around the globe. These ads are likely to dominate the world of online shopping in considerably less amount of time. And the indications of such success have already been demonstrated. Now, the Facebook users can also use the carousel ads with the instagram as well.  


Facebook is now working on its new offerings called “Canvas’. The canvas is currently in the testing phase. The very first version of the Canvas was introduced at the Cannes Lions Festival that was held back in June. The canvas is an impressive ad format that is just like an additional branded website within the Facebook.

Now, Facebook is working hard to expand the possibilities of the Canvas by giving the advertisers and marketers an option of quick-loading browsing experience where they can find the wide-range of products, before going to actual retailer’s website for making the purchase.

This process further provides a lot of convenience to the buyer and seller and compels them to stay on Facebook for longer durations, rather than surfing to the non-specific purpose websites.

Buy Button:

Facebook is additionally striving hard to testing its cutting edge on-platform buy button, which would further provide the convenience and flexibility to both the buyers and sellers in the selling or purchasing of the product. The Buy Button will enable the user to directly make the purchase of a specific product such as camera pen, directly from the retailer’s website without the need to leave the Facebook to do so.

Shop Section:

The Facebook has also recently announced updates to mobile pages, with new page sections and prominent call buttons. This button also includes a Shop Option. This shop option has turned out to be a main step in the Facebook shopping takeover.

As more than a billion users come on the Facebook each month, individuals are using the pages of Facebook to learn more about the buying and selling process. For this reason, Facebook has also added the multiple ways to allow the advertisers and marketers to showcase their products to people by using the recently announced Shop Section.

The majority of online retailers can also use this feature to increase their business prospects. The retailers can also increase their overall sales volume in considerably less amount of time by using this particular section.

The upgrades of the pages will help the retailers, advertisers and marketers to showcase their multiple products on the same platform to people. This is all part of Facebook’s wider aim to further streamline and strengthened the process of buying and selling on the Facebook. But, this feature will take some time in advance before actually coming into practice.

Shopping Feed:

This is also the new service of the Facebook that is designed to further streamline and simplify the process of business in the Facebook. The main purpose of the Shopping Feed is to highlight the variety of product that is listed on the Facebook such as the camera pen. This shopping list of the products would be based on your overall likes, interests and connections. You can avail the new feature of Shopping Feed by using your favorite Tabs.

The listing showcased on this page will highlight only those products that are being sold through the Shop section on pages. So, it provides much more flexibility and convenience to the user to offer their variety of product to people in this section. The basic aim of this feature is to target the shopping recommendations based on the massive user’s data on the Facebook. You can also use this feature to purchase the Camera Pen from the Telebrands Pakistan. This feature would certainly prove its worth if done right. This option could prove to be very handy for retailers, marketers and advertisers that are looking to reach the targeted audiences online.

In addition, this very option could also enable the user to find the products based on the keyword based advertising. That will turn the whole traditional scope of shopping and could cause serious problems for certain e-commerce kings as Amazon and Google.

Facebook needs some more things to dominate the world of online shopping. But, these steps could act as the first brick laying in the foundation. According to some recent reports, the multi-billion dollar online shopping industry could rise up to the mark of $700 billion in 2018 from $290 Billion in 2015. The main reason behind that increased in number that the world-renowned online shopping websites as Telebrands Pakistan have really streamlined the process of business for both the buyers and sellers. And Facebook has played its role to further simplify the process involved in the online shopping, so that the buyers and seller could benefit from the large market of products and brands. The idea to introduce online shopping in Facebook is really flourishing, because individuals are already accustomed to the Facebook experience. So, the users find it a lot of easier to do business on Facebook than any other social media website.

Facebook can act as the platform for the major shopping brands of the world as Nike, Slazenger, D&G, Telebrands Pakistan, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Ferrari, Lamborghini and so on. All the features mentioned above provides only the rough idea about how Facebook is treating with the online shopping. The main potential of Facebook is its billions customers, which can be used to increase the business prospects of businesses around the world. The major shopping brands can offer a number of popular products on the Facebook as the Camera Pen, sports goods, electrical appliances, mobile gadgets and appliances related to the pen camera. Now, users do not need to surf the website for different products of well-known brands. Now, this all procedure can be fulfilled by using the user-friendly platform of the Facebook.

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