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Online Shopping and Info-graphic

In recent days, social media have totally changed the scope of a number of activities that used to take place in the world of the internet. One of the main segments that have affected a lot of individuals from the social media is the way customers shop from an online store. An infographic from the Roythornes demonstrate that how social media have totally changed the scope of traditional street shopping in such less amount of time period. A number of online shopping stores as Telebrands Pakistan are using the certain social media networks to market their number of quality products as camera pen to the people.

The online shopping has put a great impact on the inspiration and discovery of online customers. The social media have really lowered the market share of traditional street shopping because of the convenience, affordability and great customer support that it offers to its customers. Nowadays, a large number of individuals have shifted towards the online shopping stores as Telebrands Pakistan, because it saves their time and money to get the desired product from the range of thousands of products available in the market in this category. About 29% – 44% of the employees preferred effective social media policy in their firms or companies they are engaging with.

In recent days, a lot of individuals thinks that social media has evolved in their lives more than ever before. About 44% of the employees want to benefit from the social media websites by using their gadgets in their workplace, but they are often restricted to do so by their respective companies and firms. The largest share of all the social media websites goes to the Facebook that holds the massive 1 billion users across the globe. Facebook is followed by other social media giants as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and You Tube.

The online shopping has also put a great impact on in-store mobiles, camera pen and gadgets. About 70% customers use the social media sites on their mobile, tab and gadgets to do online shopping. These numbers are really encouraging, because the previous percentage of such users was below 21% in the last year. About 65% of the social mobile media users have compared the prices of mobiles, pen camera and other gadgets with the other online stores. About 20% of such users sharing deals through such social media sites and about 15% users confirm such details by texting them to their friends and family to validate their purchasing decision.

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