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Role of Social Media Sites in the Evolution of Mobile Shopping

According to a recent survey, the individuals spent about 60% of their time by using the certain mobile devices as smart phones, tablet, convertible laptops and other type of gadgets. In recent days, social websites are ruling on the mobile, but these social sites are providing a lot more than just connecting the different people across the globe.

A large number of retailers and online stores as Telebrands Pakistan are using the certain social media websites to showcase their products to people. With new ways of advertising and commercialization, the social media sites are now dominating the e-commerce industry. Here are some examples that will help you to identify the different e-commerce platforms that are approaching the certain social media websites.


A number of major shopping brands have already booked their place in the Facebook. Now, it’s been much easier for small and medium-level entrepreneur and business to have more exposure by targeting the most qualified customers in the Facebook. The Facebook has also introduced some features from other social media giants as Twitter. For this purpose, Facebook has added the in-app purchase that was also being used by the Twitter.


The Facebook has introduced a new shopping experience that works just like the instant articles. With this feature, the customer can open the company’s fast-loading microsite within the Facebook’s app that saves them time to first go to the company’s site for the ordering of the product and then goes to the Facebook again. Now, this all procedure can be made a lot of easier on the Facebook’s app.

More Calls to Action:

Now, Facebook is also offering the Local Awareness Ads and Lead Ads. With the help of these ads, user can choose to call, send a message, or get directions simply taping the call to action at the bottom of any advertisement.

A number of leading shopping brands of the world can also use these both types of ads to show the targeted ads to the targeted audience by sorting out the qualified users. Moreover, these both advertisements can also be used for such individuals who are geographically close to their business locality.

Just like the Twitter, Facebook has also added the two new options as the shop now call to action and buy option. These both options can be used for ads that are visible in the user’s News Feed section. But, the difference is that the companies or businesses can also add these buttons to their certain organic posts.

To avail this option, you just have to be the admin for a group, then open Facebook power editor, and finally create the post with the call option relevant to the content.

Payments through Messenger:

The Facebook’s messenger app is now offering the new ‘Peer-to-Peer’ payments. If you are among those individuals who often carry cash in their pockets, then you can use this payment messenger to transfer the payment directly to the other party without the need to write a check.


There is a general trend in a twitter that forty percent of Twitter users will only buy those brands which they are also following. Now, Twitter further makes it simple to purchase any product without actually leaving the app.

‘Buy Now’ Button:

Now, users have the option to include a Buy Button with the ads and promoted tweets. When the users select this feature, then the app will open a page that will allow the user to make the purchase without the need to actually leave the app. In this way, users can make the purchases on the retailer’s website without leaving the native app.

But, there are some limitations involved in the process too. You have to wait for the shoppable tweets to actually appear on your page and there is no other way to search or find them separately.

More Interactive Ads:

Twitter has also introduced a new call to action button that includes Call Now, Install, Read More and Learn More functions. In addition, the major sopping brands of the worlds as Telebrands Pakistan can also post tweetable ads and polls to further encourage the follower.


In Pinterest, the average price of purchases made by the customer is $80. This is the highest purchases than any other social media giants. There is a trend in a Pinterest that a particular pinned image gets an average 12 repins, means that a particular image has seen by a large number of audience. As a result of this, the Pinterest has introduced a number of versatile and new ways. By using this way, customers can purchase any product which they are seeing on the Pinterest.

Buyable Pins:

Now, you can also experience the certain new pin features as ‘Buy it’ that stands right next to the old ‘Pin It’ button. With this new option of Buy It, customers can easily double the conversion rate of regular pins and it also allows them for easier checkout as well.

By selecting the ‘Buy It’ button will take you to a secure checkout location within the Pinterest app. So, you can easily checkout when you needed to do so. In addition, you can also avail the feature of search and browse only buyable pins. This is the new and distinctive feature that other social media sites still have to adopt.

You can also save the buyable pins to a board as an additional bonus. In the case of any price drops in the commodity occurs, then you will receive an alert instantly.

Visual Search:

This is probably the most versatile and unique feature in the Pinterest app. This feature allows the users to select an item such as camera pen, which they have seen in an image and then search the database of Pinterest for visually similar items that you can purchase afterwards.


Since its launch, a number of marketers, advertisers and promoters have shown tremendous interest in finding the different ways to promote and advertise their products with this app. In addition, the Instagram has also offered a number of new features that helps marketers and advertisers to increase their overall business prospects. With all the features incorporated, Instagram is on its way to making the whole process of shopping further easier for the customer.


Shop Now Button:

The customers previously have to use the outside website in a bid when they wanted to browse any shoppable Instagram images. Now, to overcome this issue, the Instagram has launched a new feature called the Shop Now Button. With this user-friendly button, customer not only can shop straight from an ad, but they can also use the other features as sign up, install and learn more.

 Further Improved Ad Targeting:

As the Instagram is owned by the Facebook, so promoters and advertisers can also use some of the Facebook ads interface in certain Instagram campaigns.

In addition, this feature also allows the advertisers to find the customers based on their demographics to show the particular ad to the targeted customer across the globe.

Shopping of Social Media is growing:

It is an undeniable fact that a number of new features introduced on the certain social media websites that might be new and unfamiliar for the customers from the start, but the introduced buttons are expected to dominate the world of social media in 2017.

Apart from the previously mentioned four social media sites, Google has also introduced the Google Purchases and YouTube is also offering its new service as click to shop ads to its videos. These all services involved a dedicated buy button that is added directly to certain shopping search results.

Now, by using these shopping dedicated buttons, you can easily purchase your favorite products from the major online stores as Telebrands Pakistan. You just have to tap the desired button and that’s all.

The main goal of such social media sites is to overcome the problem of online cart abandonment rate by making mobile shopping more flexible, convenient and smooth to the customers across the globe. These shopping buttons would be used by a number of individuals to purchase their favorite product as the camera pen. In addition, as the prospects of social media sites are growing day by day, so it is imperative for you to become familiar with the latest social media innovation. The race of social media sites could only be won by gaining sufficient knowledge in the relevant field. And you are also not running to lose, right?

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