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7 Outstanding Ways to Boost the Customer Retention by the use of Salesforce

After you have completed your research and salesforce, now it’s time for you to start your business needs. You have completed a lot of milestones as a collection of business cards, increase your social media presence and have drawn visitors to your business website. You have collected the data for lead and after that you have converted these leads into customers.

On the other hand, all your customers opt for cancellation their accounts after the time period of a month or so. The reason is that it doesn’t suit them at all. In recent days, there has been a lot of competition and it takes a lot of effort to face this challenge. Another big task is to change the mindset of your customers and this task can easily be fulfilled by providing the quality product and services to your customers.

In recent days, a number of companies and organizations are using the facility of salesforce just for the purpose of closing leads, this idea is not bad, but there is a lot of cost involve in this conversion effort and each and every organization cannot meet all these expenses. Just keep one thing in mind; the overall cost of customer acquisition if 5-30 times more than the cost involved in the customer retention.

For this reason, it is imperative for you to stick with the all the good customers which you have in your pocket. Other research concludes that only an increase of 5% in customer retention is more costly than a 30% increase in profit.

If you want to know how salesforce can help you to minimize the overall cost by retaining the customers, then you have to read this article:

  • Use some Integration tools to Get All the data related to your customers in One Place:

Those days are gone when the sales team and the marketing team both work together in data silos and waiting for the opportunity to arise.

The main secret behind the customer communication is the integration with the support apps and customer services. Moreover, you can also record the manually transferring of data in your CRM, that takes place between the one app to another app.

The most common example in this regard is mentioned below: the customer service team uses Zendesk, your marketing team uses the HubSpot Marketing software and your sales team uses the Salesforce. The best thing is that you can easily integrate the Zendesk, and the HubSpot marketing with the Salesforce. In this way, you can create the transparent data funnel through which your sales, customer and marketing service teams can have a better look at each and every customer. In this way, you can further simplify the operation by creating transparency funnel which helps you to integrate your sales, marketing and customer service on the same page.

What does this really mean for your customers? The answer of this question lies in the improved customer service. According to the latest research, the positive customer service has a great impact on overall sales, as 60% of the customers prefer to do business only after the positive customer service experience. The secret behind the success of the top notch ecommerce store as Telebrands Pakistan also lies in the Total Customer Satisfaction.

You have to ensure the effectiveness of your customer service with the help of the customer service teams. Your customer teams can easily integrate the platform of your customer service with the central customer relation management. It is a proven fact that the  transparency system has a great impact on the integration of your sales teams and marketing teams, as a result you will get the effective customer retention as per your desire.

  • Personalize and Take Advantage of the Customer Data:

As, you have succeeded in building the cordial relationships with your customers, so you will have more information about the customers. If you have read and understand the tips in a right way, then you can integrate the entire customer’s data into salesforce. You can also take advantage of this situation to personalize the emails that you sent to your customers, so they fully resonate with your customers. In order to get the better understanding, you have to look the mail from Amazon.

Sales 1

As, you can see that Amazon send this mail to its customer by mentioning his/her name. In addition, you can also see that they have given me the list of the items for buying. Amazon might get this list from the history of customer’s past purchases. As you can see that in this example, Amazon has given the list of watercolor to its customers, it means that the particular customer, to which Amazon has sent this email, has an interest in watercolor or has purchased watercolor from a website.

This method is really effective, because if the customer opens that email, then he/she will compel to buy the product; because this is the same product they are interested in or looking for it on the online store as Telebrands Pakistan. The point is that, you have to personalize the emails according to the customer likes, desires, habits and needs. So, the customer would like to receive your mail on a frequent basis and the same customer can make the purchase too.

In recent days, you cannot undermine the real worth of the salesforce. If you have used the salesforce in the right manner, then you have hit the deck. Because, now you can easily gather the customer’s data including, download and website activity.

Sales 2

You can easily collect and use all these data to send the personalized emails to your customers through the MailChimp. The MailChimp is the primary marketing app that is designed specifically for the emails. The best thing about the MailChimp is that not only you can create the attractive and appealing templates, but you can also get your hands on more than 2,000 subscribers that come with their free plan. Moreover, you can also get free affordable upgrades if you plan to send the emails to more than 2,000 subscribers. On the other hand, the salesforce only allow you to send emails to only 500 subscribers.

The MailChimp has an app that is specifically designed for the salesforce, which allows you to manage salesforce subscribers and contact through this user-friendly app. In addition, you can also create additional MailChimp campaigns and you can also build the segmentation in your MailChimp list.

Sales 3

The overall process of integrating the MailChimp with the salesforce is also on the simpler side. If you want to integrate the MailChimp with the salesforce, then you have to follow the guidelines mentioned on this article.

For this purpose, you will need to use the Query Builder option of MailChimp to create multiple groups for the addition of contacts and leads. In addition, you can also create some static segments, and the MailChimp will automatically manage the segmented data on the query criteria.

If you are running an e-commerce store as Telebrands Pakistan, then you can integrate it to your MailChimp account by using the service of eCommerce360. The eCommerce360app is very useful and the basic purpose of this app is to track all the details of the website activity and customer purchases, and then transferred this information back to your MailChimp account. As a result, you can use this information initiate targeted emails.

To start the integration process with the eCommerce360, you first have link your online store with the eCommerce360 platform and then you have to turn on the eCommerce360 monitor and the tracking feature and that’s all. In addition, you can also use several types of integration with the MailChimp as Magento and Shopify. Both these wesbites have their own setup of integration.

In this example, we will show you how to use the customer’s purchase history to segment the customers.

To start the process, you first have to navigate the list, which you can easily found at the topside of the MailChimp toolbar.

Sales 4

After that, you have to click and select the name of the list that you want to segment. In this option, you can select any segment that you want to view. All the information in the segment will be based on your desire and requirement. You can filter all the information of your customer according to your interest, desire and need.

After that you have to click on the segments that you can find in the drop down menu, and then you have to click on the ‘Create A Segment’ button to create a new segmented list.

Sales 5

In order to view the entire segment options, you have to click on the drop down menu. With the other set of options such as name and location, you can also view the e-commerce option in this manner.

Sales 6

After that, you have to click on the ‘Preview Segment’ button which you can view at the bottom of your screen.

Sales 7

When you have finished, then you have to save the changes you have made to the segment.

Now, you are fully geared up to create a campaign in MailChimp to send coupons and rewards to your segmented customers.

You first have to open the MailChimp dashboard and then click on the Create Campaign button.

Sales 8

After that you have to click on the ‘Send to a saved segment,’

At this place, you can also enable the ecommerce360 tracking option to enable your customers to see all the activity involved in the subscription of the campaign.

Sales 9

Next, you have to write the body of the email. You can either use the template or you can also create your own.

Sales 10

When you have finished composing the email, then you have to send the email to the subscribers. In addition, the eCommerce360 app also generates the certain reports based on your campaigns. If you want to keep track of your campaigns, then you can use this tool can prove to be very handy for you.

When you have finished composing the email, then you have to send the email to the subscribers. In addition, the eCommerce360 app also generates the certain reports based on your campaigns. If you want to keep track of your campaigns, then you can use this tool can prove to be very handy for you.

The findings of the latest research conclude that personalization can improve the prospects of the customer retention by 10%.

  • Use Social Media to connect to your Customers:

In recent days, no company and organization can undermine the importance of the social media and you can easily boost your sales by using the social media channels. In the same way, if your customers are using the Pinterest, then you have to address their concerns on the Pinterest too.

You can also use the advanced search feature of the social media to further track and respond to these types of interactions. You can also make the whole procedure simple for you, if you use the Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook app for this purpose. This app is very effective and the main purpose of this app is that it collects all the Twitter and Facebook messages related to your business and store them in one account, so you will never miss an important message again.

You can also set to schedule to refresh every ten minutes. If you want to respond to a message, then you have to select the message and click the reply button. You can also insert an automated response or you can type in your fresh reply too.

Sales 11

Sales 12

If you want to see the individual customer profiles, then you can also then dashboard to view the profile of the customers.

Sales 13

If you want to get in touch with your customers and contacts all the time, then this method is specifically designed for you. Just keep one thing in mind; you just have to take a look on the individual profile before starting a conversation, as it will get you the best idea that what your customers are looking and what are their interests?

The bottom line is this, if you really want to build the cordial relationships with your customers, then you have to address their concerns at your earliest by using the most effective ways of communication. If you read the history of quality and branded online store as Telebrands Pakistan, then you will come to know that the main factor behind the success of such online store is great customer support.

  • Integrate Salesforce with the platform of your Customer Service:

The findings of the latest research conclude that about 60% of the customers have changed their provider just because of the low-quality or mediocre customer service. You will amazed to know that in the United States alone, the total estimated cost of revenue lost due to poor service is $1.2 Trillion, unbelievable, isn’t it?

As we know that the most effective way to improve the customer service is to retain the loyal customers. But, this task is not as simple as it seems to, because the stats show that a number of companies have failed miserably when it comes to customer loyalty. This is so, because there is a connection barrier between the sales and customer service, the account file of customer relationship management is not handed over to individuals who need it most. If you want to retain customers in a natural way, then no other way is more effective as customer relationship management. This task is basically achieved by initiating new steps involved in the process.

Just keep one thing in mind; the whole purpose of after-sale service is not limited to just keep in touch with your customers and sending them several lucrative offers, in fact it is more than that. If you want to build cordial relationships with your customers, then you have to address their concerns and complaints regarding any product or service. According the latest research, about 62% of the customers stop doing business with a particular company when they feel that their concerns are not taken seriously.

This problem is not a small problem, as it can really make or break the whole game for you. But, there is nothing to worry, because you can avoid this problem by integrating salesforce with the platform of your customer service. Then, all your customer service team will have complete access to the customer’s data.

Sales 14

The Service Cloud is another exceptional integrated customer service platform that is offered by the Salesforce. The platform allows the customer service team to easily get their hands on the all the information related to their customers. These sources of information include emails, social media channels, phone and certain connected devices. By knowing the entire history and nature of the problem, your customer service team can easily respond the problems that are facing by your customers. If you really want to turn the game for you, then you have to devise a system like this.

  • Track Customer Interaction:

Just keep one thing in mind; if your customers are out of touch for longer than 6 months or so, then chances are there that you are loosing the grip on your customer. You can track each and every interaction in the salesforce by searching the query on a date basis.

If you want better results in less amount of time, then you have to automate this process and run it on a weekly or monthly basis. Then, you have to check the previous history of your customers and offer them some incentive to get this process done in time. By using the salesforce, you can easily run a report for the customers that are based on the interaction of last 3 months or so.

First, you have to click on reports and then click on New Reports.

Sales 15

Then, you have to click on the folder named as Accounts and Contacts.

Sales 16

In the next step, you have to click on the create button to create.

Sales 17

You just have to make sure that the date field is set on the Last Activity. Then, make changes in the date ranges so that there is no date, mentioning in the ‘From’ field, and the date mentioned in the ‘To’ field is about three months ago. After that, you have to click the ‘Run’ report.

Sales 18

At last, you have made it and now you have a whole collection of leads for your sales team.

  • Re-engage and Identify your Inactive Subscribers:

The inactive subscribers are a huge opportunity that is often missed by the companies and organizations. If you really want to increase the list of your customers, then you have to grab this opportunity to minimize the list of inactive subscribers.

The findings of the recent research conclude that inactive subscribers are 32% more likely to purchase the item than the non-subscribers. So, you should not take, lightly to the inactive subscribers.

It is a proven fact that the overall list of the emails degrade every year. So, if you really want to send the email to in bulk quantity to customers, then you have to rely on other service than the salesforce, because you can only 500 mass mail by using the salesforce in one time. And if you want to send more email, then you will need integration. Fr this purpose, you can also use certain tools as MailChimp, that can be used as an integration in the MailChimp.

By using the service of MailChimp, you can easily segment the list of your inactive subscribers to send them certain re-engagement emails such as competitions, discounts and offers. The one example of such re-engagement emails is mentioned below.

Sales 19

  • Give your customers proper time to have their say:

After you have succeeded in acquiring a customer, and now it’s your sole duty to engage your customer with the more lucrative offers, incentives and coupons afterwards. In this way, you can retain your previous customers by giving them incentives and tokens of appreciation.

This is the most effective method in building a trust, and the trust acts as the main integral part of any business relationship. According to a research, the best time to engage with the customers to have their say about a particular product or service is first hundred days.

Sales 20

You can show your appreciation to the customers by sending the gift cards, food or any other physical thing like this. The best thing is that this whole process doesn’t take more time in doing this. You can also use certain tools for this purpose as ZenDirect. By using the ZenDirect, you can send a number of different gifts to your newly acquired customers as personalized postcards, gourmet food and even chocolates. If you have done this process in the right manner, then your customer will be definitely very happy and they would love to do business with your online company as Telebrands Pakistan.


Just keep one thing in mind, the most effective method to have a positive impact on your revenue is the customer retention. But, if you have a lot of customers along with you all the time, then there is no need to get the additional customers by using the re-engagement emails.

Experienced marketers know how to use the power of information to personalize the customer add-value, experience and even customer needs. You should remember that any long-lasting relationship can make or break with a slight touch. So, you don’t want to lose your customers just because of some misunderstanding between you and your customers.

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