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Analytics Work and Video – How does it work?

When most of the content owners heard the word of analytics, they immediately referred these analytics as viewership counts. Well, there is nothing wrong in it, because views are important, but they are only the part of the larger picture and not the complete picture.

The analytics are very important for videos, because without the proper analytics, businesses have no idea whether their video are progressing for the purpose they’ve made or they are only converting viewers into buyers. Just keep one thing in mind; if you really want to boost your sales, then your videos must be capable to boost sales with the help of views otherwise your video is just like the funny video which people see for amusement on certain video hosting sites.

If a business or an online company such as Telebrands Pakistan has a well-built analytics tracking system, then the company will be fully capable to get the each and every information related to their businesses and customers. In addition, these companies can also get authentic and reliable information about where their leads are coming from and in what quantity.

Deceptive Views and Real Data:

In recent days, a majority of companies are of the view that the good data has a very high significance on the revenue streams. Nowadays, in order to get the better understanding about the performance of various programs, a number of the companies are acquiring the new marketing technologies in this regard.

In the older days, view count has lots of importance and they were just like the marketing kings, but now the situation has changed dramatically. In recent days, a number of companies are of the view that the more number of viewers leads to more brands and more brand recognition. The easiest metrics to interpret and acquire are views. If someone goes to the famous video hosting site as YouTube, then they will get to know only the number of viewers that has seen that particular video, but this site does not give information about how many people do watch that video completely and how many left it in the middle or so.

Just keep one thing in mind; view doesn’t give you information about how many minutes or second a particular video has been watched by individuals. Just remember that viewers cannot help to expand the actual engagement figures and without the right indicators, companies cannot know anything about the video. You cannot measure the level of engagement used for particular video. If you want to get an idea about how to portray the video in the effective manner, then you can also watch the video of Nicer Dicer Plus from the website of Telebrands Pakistan.

Moreover, view count cannot give any information that who is watching a particular video. For example, if you go to YouTube and find that the video has total vies of 10,000, but you cannot assess from which part of the world these 10,000 people accessed that particular video.

What you should go after?

If you really want to go after the video analytics, then you can include the following parameters in your strategy.


You should measure the engagement level with both time-based metrics and average. The following numbers will show you that in what percentage your video is performing and in which part of the video they are stopping. By looking at the following figure, you can easily tell that whether people re-watch a specific part several times or whether they are closing the tab 5 seconds after watching a particular video.

Analytic 1

With this image, you can easily monitor that how many viewers have watched your videos and how many viewers have left the video just at the start. The Heatmaps in the image help you to determine that in which section; a particular is watching a particular video more than once.

Play Rate:

Play Rate refers to the percentage of the users who found your video on a particular website and they actually play the video. In other words, Play Rate helps you to give an idea that how attractive your video has before the process of engagement begins. The overall worth of the Play Rate is more than a simple view counts. This ratio helps you to identify the methods that are required to locate your player and optimize your video splash screen.

Analytic 2

This image will get you the rough idea that whether you are hitting your targeted customers or not.

Call-to-action response rate:

Just keep one thing in mind; if your video features a call-to-action button as ‘Click here for more information!’, then your analytics will let you know that how many viewers in total have answered that call.


Look at the following picture and tell that, are you succeeding in hitting the targets that you want? Are you left or skip any opportunity arises in the market? Just remember that if you really want to improve the performance of your sales and marketing teams, then for this purpose you have to initiate the different campaigns and targeted program in this regard.

Analytic 3

From this image, you can easily determine that in which particular section, your viewers are watching your videos and in what duration.

Unique Views:

Yes, views have really played their part in developing a better strategy regarding the placement of videos and the content. Just remember that thee main purpose of your video to effectively engage the viewers and not disturbing them. If your video has some meat, then the viewers will definitely watch your videos till the end, and if your video hasn’t got anything like that, then chances are there that viewers might not bother to watch your video again. In other words, you will lose your customers forever.

That is where the worth of analytics comes in. Because, analytics help you tell a lot of information about your business that would easily take months or even years to learn without the aid of analytics. If you really want to make progress in the relevant field, then you have to make a comprehensive analytics strategy that will help you to analyze real time trends, save time using the automatic forecasting models and it can also help you to save money.

Start measuring the right way:

If you really want to excel in the particular field, then you have to follow these 5 useful steps:

Choosing the right platform to track and host your videos:

For this purpose, you have got some big options as Vimeo and YouTube. These both methods are the most effective and affordable solution and works very well for a majority of the businesses. But, these video websites have some limitations as well, because the platforms required for the more advanced analytics. If you go premium methods as Wistia and Vidyard, then you have to make a lot of investment. But, these methods do prove their worth at time. These both websites provides a number of useful analytic tools and integration capabilities with the majority of customer relationship management systems and automation of marketing systems. If you want to visit a product specific video website, then you can also visit the Telebrands Pakistan in this regard.

Set monthly and quarterly targets to analyze your various analytics projects:

If you want to track your efforts, then you have to set the goals on monthly and quarterly basis to analyze your analytics report.

Spend time reviewing total views, play rate and engagement:

If your particular video has fewer views, then it is an indication that your call to action is very weak and needs improvement. Just keep one thing in mind; if the total number of views of your video is low, then there are certain factors that could impact on this little views as your splash screen is not appealing enough to attract or engage the new audience or the overall placement of your video is not right or compatible with the page or website you are using your videos.

Always be Creating (ABC):

Just keep one thing in mind; the marketing is all about consistency and the market associated with the video is not so different. If you really want to engage the people on a regular basis, then you have to produce the videos with high-quality. You will need a lot effort in order to reach the top of the field. However, if you are doing a lot of efforts and are to getting the reward of fruit for such efforts, then you have to change your approach by using the analytics. Because, with the help of the analytics, you can easily reach the maximum level of your potential and abilities. Just remember every new video is an opportunity to learn from your mistakes next time. A number of companies are using the analytic approach for the purpose of gathering the reliable data of their customers.

Now, you can also use the analytic approach to take your company or online business as Telebrands Pakistan to the next level.

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