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How to get the Customer’s Attention by using the Onboarding Process?

In recent days, some SaaS teams also work by changing their strategy as one time activity of each customer.

However, the time has come that you should change your overall perspective in this regard. Consider the initial step involved the ongoing process.

It is imperative for customers have their own undivided attention, whether it is training newbies or teaching loyal consumers about new integration.

The onboarding is the most important phase among the whole conversion process.

So, you should not lose your targeted audience just because you are incompetent to capture the interest and needs of your audience. Have given the four different strategies that could prove to be very useful for you and your team to get started:

  • Offer Ongoing Training:

Please note that the overall behavior and approach of each and every customer is totally different from the other. So, your one strategy that works effectively for one customer might not be effective for the other customer.

A number of individuals will become familiar with your software as quickly as they could. These types of customers can get total command on your software in a matter of days, and chances are there that they could also point out any deficiencies that your software lacks.

But, if you look on the other hand, then you will know that the other customers might take longer time than this to become familiar with your software. These types of customers often prefer to learn the process right from the step one. These customers may demand step-by-step-guide involve in the learning of a particular software. Moreover, these customers could also need additional content for the purpose of better learning.

To serve the learning purposes of both types of customers, this program is an ideal choice to give an opportunity to each and every customer to learn the software according to his/her needs. In addition, you can also retain their attention by using this mode of operation.

Please note that the overall success behind the proactive customer training lies in the certain on-demand training and through some online courses as well. The all courses are designed to help the new customer to become familiar with the basics involved in learning of particular software. 

If you want to refresh the all process of learning, then you can get benefit from some of the websites as Hubspot. This website has a dedicated YouTube playlist that is designed only for product tutorials.

Onboarding 1

Just keep one thing in mind; you should not compel your customers to push for training. Acquiring training in a particular field is their own decision, not yours.

Onboarding 2

You should also try not to take the progressive onboarding too far from your customers, as it will lessen the chances for your customers to enroll for a particular program. You should allow the customer to navigate with his/her name. The all learning should be very purpose-specific and there should be not any need to provide instant hints on every screen. If you are excessively prompts your new customers with needless hints, then chances are there that your customer would be annoyed and they can also look for the alternate ways for the programs.

Keep your customers focused by engaging them with the ongoing training.

  • Leverage the Multiple Communication Channels: 

About a decade ago, it even took weeks to communicate with someone. But, now the scenario of communication has totally changed. You can talk and communicate with any person from the far flung areas of the world in seconds.

Moreover, we have the wider options to select the particular communication channels. As, there is so much convenience and flexibility is associated in transmitted and delivering a message, we have forgetten that the business manager is the only one whose decision really matters.

As you offer more attraction to users by making the interface more appealing, so the majority of users will come to your site. As a result, you can also boost the overall sales volume.  Users only stick to the way of communication that offers them more flexibility and convenience and the method which further simplifies the procedure involved in the future relationships.

If you want to know that what type of communication method your customers preferred most. Then, you have to do experiments with different communication channels as in-app messaging, emails and text messages. If you want to really build better relationship with your customers, then first you have to determine their basic needs in this regard. If you don’t, you may lose your customers forever.

If you want to get the basic idea about the effective communication systems, then you can also visit the website of Telebrands Pakistan. After visiting this website, you will come to know about the effective way of communications as live chat, phone and emails.

Onboarding 3

Just keep one thing in mind; mobile platforms act as the most important platform for the customer support. As more than 75% of the people are using their smartphone to connect online. According to the recent research, about 30% users of Twitter and Instagram inquire about the different product and services. Thus, the time has come for your SaaS team discusses certain social and mobile solutions.

You should not annoy your customers with the dozens of bulletin on a different channel. You should stick by providing the purpose-specific information to your users in order to grab their attention.

  • Offer Rewards and Coupons: 

This is a universal fact that people like to receive awards. From an early age, we are addicted to free rewards and gifts from various sources.

Each and every individuals love to receive free and new stuff, and your customers are not quite different from such individuals. The best way to divert a huge traffic to your business as Telebrands Pakistan is to offer free rewards and gifts to your customers.

This process is similar to schooling age when you get the reward of an early recess by earning top positions in your class. In the same way, you have to reward your customers with surprise gifts and coupons to achieving the task in the onboarding process.

You can also take advantage from people’s need to get the hight results. This one powerful and psychological parameter can lift the overall prospects of your business.

It is a general phenomenon that completion of any thing offers a lot of satisfaction and peace of mind. In the same way, it can also bring back the good memories, when we completed the degree at our university.

For this purpose, you can also add the progress bar to the onboarding process. But, you should take great care that each and every milestone should be very precise, simple and easy and it offers incentives to the customer. You can encourage them to learn a new tool from your site of to complete their profile to get the reward.

This reward and incentive program is essential for your customers for their positive behavior.

Whether the reward includes the discount, promotion or gift coupon, you should encourage your customers to play their role in order to get the reward. This very method will also boost the conversation. Just keep one thing in mind; people are more likely to proceed, when they are offered a relevant incentive. So, you should not neglect the importance of incentives to your customers.

  • Build Real Relationships:

You are told to build your cordial relationships with your customers, but what does it really mean?

Just keep one thing in mind, do not treat your customers like a number as Customer number 2548. As it will put a negative impact on your customers.

In order to build the cordial relationship with your customers, you first have to determine the needs and interest of your customers. For this purpose, you can collect the quantitative data through your certain analytics tools. As, it will give you the basic idea that what your customers are seeking in this relationship?

Please note that the real and effective relationships are also referred as better customer service. No one likes to wait for several days before their concerns to be addressed.

Please note that the new clients can ask you a lot of questions and if you want to build the cordial relationship with your customers, then you need to address their concerns on priority basis. If you quickly address the needs of your customers, then your customers will show their trust and confidence to deal with you in future as well.

Just remember that customers need some reason to stick around. This reason could be the minimal response time.

Onboard with Purpose:

The most important part of the conversion process is the customer onboarding. Please note that this can really make or break the game for you.

You should offer free training to your customers to help them easily navigate your website. For effective communication, you should address the concerns of your customers on multiple communication networks. It will also prove to be very useful for you as well.

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