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How to Increase the Conversion Rates by using the Feeds of Google Shopping?

If you are an online dealer and deals in a variety of products, then you should know about the real worth and importance of Google Shopping Feeds for your online business. But, did you know that with little or minimum effort, you can really change the entire scope or way of selling or purchasing the products. Moreover, you can also increase the exposure of your products, so your products are visited by a majority of customers across the globe.

The best thing about this service is that it does not require any huge investment and programming. What more convenience and flexibility one can ask for?

Improve the overall quality of your feeds with the attributes:

According to a recent survey, generally it is not enough to having a shopping feed. The feed is just like the packaging of the product. where customers cannot always feel it or try it, but only look at it. Please note that the customers are putting a lot of risk by choosing to do business with you. For this purpose, you can use the quality feed to show them that you’re taking care of their interests and requirements in the best way.

Please note that, properly optimized feed means quality not quantity. The overall quality of your feed should be better than then quality of the other feeds. That is the bottom line! 

You can also put a significant impact on your feeds by using the individual product attributes. That is where you can really make the difference by choosing the quality feeds for the advertisement and promotion of your products.

But, you have to put your great efforts before you get your desired results. Or, the process may get failed if you do not show more care and interest towards it.

So, if you want to get your hands on how to effectively optimize the feeds, then you just have to read this informative article.

Importance of Title:

Please note that, you should not mention the company of the product, unless you’re the manufacturer of the particular product. This is the parameters that customers do not even care about. You should use the words that customers is using in a keyword to search the particular type of product such as its brand.

Google 1

Well, in this example, customers are more interested to search the product with its brand name – such as Samsung Galaxy S6.  Please note that, only 25 characters will show in the feed from the total 70 characters. So, you should not neglect this point in any case.

Role of Description:

In this segment, you have to look again your product from the perspective of the customer again. Since, your search would be performed by the quick process, so it’s generally a good idea to further make prominent your description as much possible. You can also add some features in these places, which you cannot add in any of the previous place. In this section, you can further satisfy the customers by answering their questions. So, it will be equally beneficial for your business and your customers too.

Importance of Keywords:

This is the perfect space to further analyze the reports to see which types of keywords are used by the customers. You should look first look into the terms and conditions that offers you the best results in your description where it is applicable.

Make optional attributes as part of your feed:

Usually, there is a myth among certain retailers that do not use the attribute or the attribute is completely useless if it is an optional attribute. This myth is totally wrong. The recent reports suggest that you should not neglect the worth of any optional attributes just because it is an optional attribute.

Google has Quality Score for feeds:

As, we do not know the secret behind the effective secret recipe, so we also do not know the products which have greater impact on Google quality score than the other ones which have great impact. According to some reports, certain feeds can prove to be very beneficial for you to improve the overall score and the quality of your feeds.

The Importance of MPNs, UCPS and Brands:

Just keep one thing in mind; customers will not likely to search the Manufacturer Product Number (MPN’s), Universal Product Code (UPC’s) and certain brands of your products. This information will however, used by the Google to optionally compare different products in this category.

Google 2

In this example, you can see that in this example you can find a number of kitchen mixers. In the same way, you can also find the major shopping brands of the world as the Ray Ban Sunglasses, Telebrands, Ferrari, Burger King, Pizza Hutt and so on. In addition, you can also find a number of products in Google that you will get with the free shipping also.

But, you have to be very cautious when you want to compete your rivals in the same category. Please note that the Google Shopping calculates the total tax associated with the purchase and shipment of a particular delivery. This is a universal fact that the businesses which offers no tax and free shopping offers the lowest price of the same product that the other ones which include such taxes.

Now, a question should arise in your mind that Can Google find accurately your products and compare them accurately with the same price tag and feature range? The answer is big NO if you haven’t spent any time in UPC, MPN’s and branding.

Three things do really matters as Size, Color and Material:

In recent days, a lot of manufacturer often show reluctance over putting the actual size or dimensions of their products on the Google. But, at his stage, users just need to know the overall idea about the dimension of the product and not its details in any case. You can further filter the general information, but the size mentioned on each and every product will remain same for all the products.

Google 3

The same theory applies to the color of the product also. Even, if one of your products is light green and the other is dark green, then the customers will only search the product by using the word of green. The overall filtering option of Google is tilted towards the basic rather than the advance one.

Google 4

The material from which the product has manufactured is also put a great impact on the purchase of the product. Just remember, that material is just like the sizes of the product and they do not need to be very specific in this regard. Please note that, when customers are searching the shirts made with nylon, then they do not care about the blend of cotton and nylon from which the shirt has made.

Apart from this, you can find a number of new attributes that you can use to further improve the product’s quality and performance.

Are you using the all functionalities of Google at your fullest?

This simple question can really make or break the game for you. It’s not really matter that how many kinds of products you have in total. The thing that matters most is that how you will showcase your product to your targeted customers across the globe? In this way, you can make a significant difference in paid ads, product listing ads and in search of the product.

Are you among those happy individuals who are using the Google shopping feeds for your own products? How has adding the different attributes improved the overall performance and quality of your products? In this way, you can find a number of quality optional attributes that can prove to be very handy for you, your business and for your customers too.

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