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Spy Devices – Intro

All spy devices are used primarily for security operations and surveillance purposes. These devices are used by law enforcement agencies, private detectives and security purposes. The best thing about all the spy gadgets is that they are very affordable and even college-going kids can purchase it with their pocket money. Although these products are good for monitoring the criminal activities and surveillance work, while a majority of individuals uses these devices to put a check on stealing workers and cheating spouses.


These spy gadgets can also be used to further upgrade the security component of home, office or any other living place. These spy gadgets are mostly preferred by individuals for their camouflaged properties. Anyone can use these gadgets in the public place without being noticed. All the range of the spy cameras have a unique distinctive characteristic of being simply concealed in other appliance, object or gadget.

The camera is enclosed in a simple gadget, because individuals don’t normally expect that a camera is recording their video. A majority of the spy camera either works with GSM connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity and radio waves. So anyone can use these spy gadgets almost to anyplace. These very characteristics makes these gadgets are ideal surveillances gadgets to be used specifically at those places where the use of standard camera is prohibited.

List of different Spy Gadgets:

In this section, we would discuss different type of spy devices concealed in standard looking gadgets.

1) Spy Pen:

This pen although looks like the normal pen, but it has a concealed camera that can be used to record secret audio, videos and images. The camera is located at the top of the pen, so you can place the pen in your pocket easily. This pen can also be used for writing purposes.

Spy Pen HD

2) Camera Button HD:

The Camera Button HD looks like the normal button, but this button has a dedicated secret camera for recording purposes. You can easily mount this button on the top pocket of your shirt, jacket or upper to record the discrete videos.

Camera Button

3) Camera Glasses:

The camera glasses resemble like the ordinary contact glasses, but these glasses has a secret camera for covert surveillance purposes. This camera can record high-definition video with crystal clear audio on the go. This is the most discrete surveillance product available in the market and nobody can detect that you are using the camera. The best thing is that you can replace the stock glass lenses with the contact glasses. So you can use the glasses like the normal one.

Camera Glasses

4) Camera Charger:

The camera charger is another spy gadget disguised in a normal looking USB charger. This charger has a full HD 12 MP camera that can record high-quality 1080p resolution videos. The best thing about the camera charger is that it gets its power from the wall socket and doesn’t need any additional battery for its working. So you can sue the gadget the way you want it without the worry of battery drainage.

Camera Socket Charger

5) Android Mobile Watch:

The android mobile watch can also be used as a dedicated spy gadget. This watch is powered by the Android and has a dedicated camera for imaging purposes. This watch can perform all the standard functions of the android mobile phone. You just have to mount this watch on your hand just like the any other watch and then use the watch the way you want it.

Android Mobile Watch

6) Camera Keychain:

The camera keychain is another revolutionary spy gadget. This keychain has a pinhole camera for recording purposes. This spy keychain almost looks like the digital car unlocking device and nobody can easily detect it.

Camera Keychain

7) Camera Lighter:

If you are a smoker, then you must be familiar with the lighter. The lighter is a device used to glow a cigarette, but now this lighter can be used to take images and record HD videos. The camera lighter has a secret camera that is perfectly disguised in the lighter. This small and lightweight lighter can be your professional DVR in seconds.

Camera Lighter

8) Camera Mirror:

Mirror is a common household product that is used by both males and females. Now this ordinary looking product can turn out be your professional surveillance gadget. The camera mirror has a dedicated covert camera that is perfectly disguised in the outer shell of mirror. The lens is located at such a place that nobody can find it easily.

Camera Mirror

9) Camera Smoke Detector:

The camera smoke detector is another innovative gadget. This detectors works like the normal detector, but it is equipped with a secret camera for surveillance purposes. This camera is capable to record crystal clear videos and images. 

Camera Smoke Detector

10) Camera Sunglasses:

The camera sunglasses is another revolutionary product from the Telebrands. This product is just like the standard stylish sunglasses, but it is equipped with a covert camera. This camera can take high-definition images and it can also record videos.

Camera Sunglasses

11) Camera Table Clock:

The table clock is also a spy device with a camera. The undetectable camera can be used for several surveillance purposes. The best thing about the table clock camera is that it looks like the normal table clock and nobody can detect its secret capability to record discrete videos.

Camera Table Clock

12) Camera USB:

Now your flash drive will be your personal Digital Video Recorder (DVR). The Camera USB is just like the standard USB equipped with a secret camera. You can record high-quality videos with the help of this camera. You can use the USB camera to a specifically at those places where you cannot use the standard camera.

Camera USB

13) Camera Watch 4 GB:

The camera watch is an extra-ordinary gadget designed to record discrete videos. The watch is equipped with an internal 4 GB memory. You can store number of videos in this memory. The camera lens is discretely equipped in the dial of the watch.

Camera Watch 4 GB

14) Cloth Hook Camera:

The hook camera consists of a secret camera perfectly disguised in a cloth hanging camera. The camera is placed at the top of the hook, so the camera will definitely record the videos whether the clothes are on the hook or not. This spy gadget is also equipped with the night vision mode, so it can record the full clear videos, even in complete dark. The device is also equipped with the motion detection mode for more convenience.

Cloth Hook Camera

15) GSM AV Bug and Tracker:

This tracker is a GSM enabled device to record discrete audios. The working of this spying gadget is a very simple; you just have to insert the SIM in the tracker. After that you just have to dial that number from your mobile to start recording. The gadget will start recording the audio without any indication or beep. You can use this multipurpose spying gadget at various domains with quite ease.

GPS Tracker

16) IP Camera H3:

The IP Camera H3 is a versatile gadget of its kind that uses the Wi-Fi technology for recording purposes. The gadget can be synchronized with the Wi-Fi and afterwards it can be controlled with any Wi-Fi enabled device. You just have to use the software of the mobile to start and stop the recording function.

IP Camera H3

17) Quad Copter:

The quad copter can also be categorizes as the spy device. The quad copter is equipped with a dedicated HD camera that can record videos and images during the flight. The quad copter comes with a dedicated remote control, so that users can control all the modes of the drone during the flight. 

Quad Copter

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