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10 Best Home Appliances and furniture of 2017

Role of  Home Appliances in online shopping:

Home appliances are considered as the most important part of any home. They help you to feel comfortable in your own home by making your lifestyle a lot of easier and better. You can buy a complete range of home appliance from online shopping right from geysers to refrigerators, from air conditioners to water dispensers and so on. There are many online shopping websites that are offering complete range of home appliances under one roof and Telebrands Pakistan is one of them.

Home Appliances General

Gone are the days when you had to go out to buy your favorite home appliance from trusted dealers. Now you can do the same while you are lounging around. In order to accomplish this task, you just have to visit your favorite shopping portal by choosing from the huge variety of appliances and then you can place your order. You can also opt for the mode of payment for more convenience.

You can buy number of home appliances from online e-commerce store as Telebrands Pakistan.

Best Home Appliances and furniture of 2017:

1) 5 in 1 Sofa cum Bed:

The Telebrands 5 in 1 sofa cum bed is a revolutionary product designed to add more comfort in your home and in your life. The 5 in 1 sofa cum bed can be converted into a full size sofa, comfortable full size lounger and queen sized bed just in minutes.

5 in 1 Sofa Black

The bed is designed from the high quality PVC material that can bear loads up to 550 lbs in total. So it can accommodate two persons easily. 

Bed Colored

This light weight bed is as durable and stronger like the traditional foam or spring mattress. The bed can be easily inflated or deflated with the help of air pump. With all these features, this convertible bed can turn out to be the reliable travel companion.

2) Portable Cabinet:

The portable cabinet is a multipurpose cabinet and it is made from environmental friendly Poly Propylene material. This moisture proof and dust proof cabinet is easy to assemble and disassemble. You can assemble the cabinet into different sizes and shapes according to your space and mode of requirement. This sturdy and versatile interlocking display unit can be used for the storage of books, toys, clothes and other miscellaneous items. 


This lightweight yet sturdy portable cabinet can easily sustain 10 kilograms of weight. The installation is very easy, you just have to reinforce the frosted plastic panels with the steel frame and that’s all. This must to have cabinet is especially designed for those individuals who often find it difficult to manage all the things in the single small cabinet due to shortage of space. You can easily buy this cabinet from quality online e-commerce store as Telebrands.

3) Air O Dry:

The Air O Dry is an instant cloth dryer machine that helps to dry the clothes more quickly than the traditional cloth drier machines. This Air O Dry is just like a closet and uses the circulation of warm air to evaporate moisture in considerably less amount of time. You can dry different kinds of clothes in the dryer as the leather apparel, silk clothes and cotton clothes.


This multipurpose clothes dryer is accompanied by several hangers and pegs. You can easily hang all your clothes inside the Air O Dry closet with the help of these hangers. This portable and handy cloth drier has also the option of the timer, which users can set according to the mode of operation. The Telebrands Air O Dry closet can easily be folded for easy storage purposes.

4) Sofa cum Bed Extra Large:

The sofa cum bed extra large is basically the improved form of the 5 in 1 sofa cum bed. As the name suggests, the size of this bed is much larger than its predecessor. This Telebrands bed has an ample space that two persons can sleep peacefully. Like the case with the 5 in 1 sofa cum bed, this bed can also be deflated and inflated by air pump in minutes.


This durable bed is made from high-quality material that provides you the comfort of any water or spring-based bed. For more flexibility, the bed is accompanied by two dedicated plastic cup holders. So you can enjoy your hot coffee or tea while reading a book or watching favorite TV series. The must to have bed can prove to be an ideal and instant solution for camping, hiking, travelling and so on.

5) Laptop Table:

In the modern era, every person is using the laptop for several educational and business purposes. Such individuals often find it difficult to work for longer duration on a laptop in a single sitting position. Sitting in one position for longer duration can cause mild to severe backbone pain and it can also cause muscle stiffness as well. This painful scenario could be avoided by choosing the quality laptop table. The best thing about the Telebrands laptop table is that you can easily adjust the height of the laptop at an angle that best suits your natural sitting position. It puts less impact on our backbone, eyes and muscles too.

Laptop Table

The laptop table is also accompanied by a dedicated laptop cooling fan. If you work on your laptop for hours then it can overheat your laptop. This situation could be avoided by using the laptop table. You just have to place the laptop on the table and plug the USB cable of the fan to make it work and that’s all. This must to have accessory should be the integral part of any home or living place. This laptop table can be used as the dedicated study table too.

6) Spin n Go Mop:

The Spin n Go Mop is a revolutionary and unique product of its kind that has totally changed the scenario of traditional mopping method. This new mopping device is equipped with a large pipe with a rotatable swivel at the end. It is accompanied by a large bucket that has a perforated basket installed at one end. You just have to dip the mop in the cleaning solution and then press the pipe to start its rotation. The high-speed rotation will wipe out any excess liquid in the mop.

Spin N Go Mop

After that you can use the mop to clean almost any surface. The good thing about the mop is that it can rotate for 360 degrees, so you can easily use the mop under those places where it is really hard to reach at times. The Telebrands Spin N Go Mop can be your instant and ultimate cleaning solution not in minutes, but in second.

7) Air Bed Round Shape:

 The Air Bed Round Shape is a multipurpose double bed lounge that can be your instant and an ultimate relaxing solution. The bed is made from the soft flocking material that makes is a perfect convertible bed for use in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Air Bed Round Shape

The soft flocking material also gives the feel of the real velvet. The large space of the Telebrands bed can easily accommodate 2 persons at the same time.

8) Magic Hose:

The magic hose is a unique hose of its kind that can be expanded up to 3 times than its original length. This lightweight and portable hose could be your instant cleaning and gardening solution. The Telebrands magic hose is specifically designed to use in those places where there is not enough space to use traditional lengthy pipes.

Magic Hose

The working of the hose is very simple; you just have to mount the one end of the hose with the tap water and then open the tap. The hose will begin to expand in seconds and after that you can use it for any cleaning purpose. The must to have hose should be the integral part of any home.

9) Snap n Grip:

The Snap n Grip is a set of two wrenches that can easily perform all the tasks of the expensive multi-piece of wrenches. The snap n grip is basically the set of two wrenches: large and small. The Telebrands Snap n Grip sometimes also referred as the Universal Wrench.

Snap N Grip

This wrench is designed to work on all nuts and bolts sizes ranges from 9 mm to 32 mm. The Snap n Grip could prove to be the instant solution of everyday mechanical problems.

10) Popcorn Maker:

Popcorn is lightweight snack and almost loved by men, women and children of all ages. The popcorn maker is a machine designed to prepare popcorn in less amount of time. With the help of the Popcorn maker, you can prepare hot and crispy popcorn each and every time. Now you can prepare a full bowl of popcorn in just three minutes. 

Popcorn Maker

The working of the popcorn maker is very easy and does not require any technicalities. This machine could prove to be the ideal solution for all busy mothers, who don’t have much time to prepare time-consuming recipes for their hungry kids. The Telebrands popcorn maker works without any oil, so you do not need to worry about your obesity.

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