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Manual Water Pump

This is an undeniable fact that we often find trouble in positioning the bottles each time after refilling. Now this onerous looking task can be made simpler by the use of Telebrands Manual Water Pump. The innovative, unique and versatile water pump can turn your large bottles into your dispenser in no time. The Telebrands Manual Water Pump can transform your large capacity water bottles into manual dispenser just by installing the indigenous manual drinking pump.

One of the best things about the Telebrands Manual Water Pump is that you wouldn’t encounter any type of leakage during the operation. It allows hassle free and trouble free operation. You wouldn’t find another manual drinking pump that is much easier to use than the Telebrands Manual Water Pump.

Now you do not need to spend thousands on electricity bills caused by the use of expensive electric water dispensers, because now you can save it by the use of the Telebrands Manual Water Pump. The assembling and disassembling of the water pump is also on the easier side. You just have to attach the tubes with the head of the water pump and then mount the water pump on the water bottle. The Telebrands Manual Water Pump can easily be fitted on most standard size water bottles in seconds.

The Telebrands Manual Water Pump is totally safe for home use. You can even use the water pump for several outdoor applications as well. The water pump is made from high quality food grade plastic that is totally safe for drinking purposes. The splash proof design of the water dispenser also prevents the extra spillage of water.

Now you can dispense the water in the way you like. For more flexibility, the water pump is accompanied by the dedicated pipe holder that closes the dispensing pipe when not in operation. So, it also prevents the any chances of water contamination. The tube of the water pump can easily be removed for cleaning purposes. You just have to press the cover for 1-2 times to fill your glass, jar or mug.

The mechanical water pump works without any battery or motor. The Telebrands Manual Water Pump is suitable for homes, offices, universities, colleges, hospitals, factories and so on. You can easily order the Telebrands Manual Water Pump exclusively from the one and only official website of Telebrands Pakistan at Telebrand.com.PK.

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