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Swifty Knife

Do you often find it difficult to sharp the edges of the knife with a mechanical sharpener, if yes then you can put a stop to your finding by using the Telebrands Swifty Knife. The Telebrands Swifty Knife is a motorized blade sharpener that can sharpen any knife of cutting tool in seconds. The cordless feature of the Swifty sharp makes it possible to use the sharpening at almost any time and at any place.

You can even use the Swifty sharp on the go too. The Telebrands Swifty Sharp can instantaneously sharp and wide range of cutting tools including, bread, scissors, filet knives, screwdrivers and even the small hand operated tools.

The Swifty Sharp is equipped with a professional grade sapphire sharpening stone that sharpen any blunt cutting tool in seconds. Moreover, the Telebrands Swifty Sharp has also a built in guide system that assist in the perfect angle required by the cutting tool for a sharp razor edge. You just have to place the knife in the slotted angle and the knife will automatically sharpen in seconds.

In order to provide simplicity in operation, the Telebrands Swifty Sharp is equipped with a dedicated catch tray that carefully collects all the particles of metal shaving in its large compartment. The storage compartment can be separated for cleaning purposes as well. The new Telebrands Sharpening tool is easy to use and 100% safe as compared to hand operated knife sharpeners. You can almost sharpen any tool with a blade in considerably less amount of time.

The traditional old electric knife sharpeners can cost thousands of Rupees and they are very costly as well. The use of the machine is very simple and easy, you just need to press the power button to switch on the machine. In the next step, you have to insert and slide the knife in the built in guide system. The Telebrands Swifty Sharp is as easy as bread and butter.

The Telebrands Swifty Sharp is a perfect tool for chefs, meat shops, tailors, carpenters, blacksmith and house wives. Telebrands deal in this versatile and unique Knife Sharpening tool. You can place your order at Telebrand.com.pk or you can dial the customer support department for this purpose at 0333-4115583.

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