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Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 Tool

Telebrands Pakistan has brought a new unique, but useful product as the Wallet Ninja 18 in 1. The Telebrands Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 is a multi tool set that can fit right in your pocket. The Telebrands Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 card is just like the size of any standard credit card or ATM card that you can even place in your wallet too and that’s where it gets its name as Ninja Wallet.

The Telebrands 18 in 1 tool set can simply be regarded as the world’s first multi tool set that can be placed in a shirt or trouser pocket. Now, you wouldn’t be short on tools again, whether you are moving inside or outside.

The Telebrands Ninja Wallet 18 tools consists four openers, six different size wrenches, four different screwdrivers, one fruit or vegetable peeler. But that is not all; the Ninja Wallet 18 in 1 tool set also included the dedicated phone stand and a measurement ruler.

The Ninja Wallet 18 in 1 card is made from heat treated steel and is practically unbreakable. The best thing about the Ninja Wallet is that all the 18 tools offered by the Ninja Wallet are consisted of mostly those tools that you often need in your daily routine.

The Ninja Wallet is small, yet tough durable multi tool set. Now you do not need to lift a bulky tool box for any mechanical work, the very same purpose can now be fulfilled by the multipurpose Ninja Wallet too. You can even make it a dedicate screwdriver, wrench or even versatile opener in no time. The Telebrands Ninja Wallet is a very slim, compact and portable handy tool. Its overall thickness is about 1.5mm, so nobody should have any problem in managing the wallet tool.

The Telebrands Ninja Wallet Tool can be an ideal, instant and ultimate tool for carpenters, blacksmith, goldsmith, campers, repairmen and adventure enthusiasts. The Wallet Ninja is made from the finest quality steel that’s guaranteed to never bend, dull or rust with the passage of time.

The Ninja Wallet 18 in 1 Tool can be ordered exclusively from the official website of Telebrands Pakistan. There are two methods by which you can place your order; you can either contact our customer support department and you can also order from the official website of Telebrands Pakistan.

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