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Color Changing LED

This is a fact that lightning plays a very important role in any residential or commercial place. Quality of lightning also defines the comfort level of a particular space. The satisfaction level of a room is defined by ability to the individual to be able to see the lights without affecting the sight of the eyes. Please note that the lights that that cause a shadow that fill up a space can lead to frustration and even headache too. Now, this frustration and headache could be avoided by the use of quality Color Changing LED’s of Telebrands. The Telebrands Color Changing LED fittings is made from the state of the art technology that put less impact on the eyes.

The Telebrands Color Changing LED’s can change 16 different colors. You can easily customize the desired shade with the help of remote controller. You can easily control all the functions of the color changing LED’s up to the distance of 20 meters maximum. Please note that the overall ability of IR sensing can possibly be hindered by other factors as humidity, distance, etc.


The best thing about the Telebrands LED lights is that you can program the different type of light patterns according to different occasions. The Telebrands Color Changing LED is able to change the lightning patterns from cool to warm and from slow to fast. You can easily craft a lot of appealing and aesthetic visuals through the use of Telebrands Color Changing LED’s. There are four different modes that you can select from Strobe, Fade, Smooth and Flash.

For more convenience, flexibility and ease of operation, the Telebrands Color Changing LED’s can also be custom installed on the LED light tapes and after that you can use these lightning strips in a number of places including the hallways, countertops, archways and so on. The Telebrands Color Changing LED’s generates very low heat and consumes very less amount of power that results in saving the electricity utility bills. The Color Changing LED is crafted from the highest quality materials and it has a long lamp life as compared to standard bulbs.

The Telebrands Color Changing LED’s can be a great lightning and decoration item for houses, offices, shopping malls, Trade centers and so on. This useful product can easily be purchased from the official website of Telebrands Pakistan by calling on their customer service department. You can also order any type of product by using the online portal of the same company.

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